We’re Hiring!

How to Create Your Own Art Studio
Photo source: Green Retreats

Hey, we want to hire you!

We’re currently looking for creative and crafty women to produce unique DIY style blog post content and roundups for the Wonder Forest blog!⁣

Who we need: creators who have an eye for pretty visuals and some experience with putting together a basic blog post (writing simple paragraphs and sourcing/shooting photos). Proper English, punctuation and grammar is encouraged.⁣

We need creators and writers for: Roundups of awesome content found on the web and Pinterest (examples: 10 Beginner Friendly Macrame Projects, 15 Beautiful Home Offices etc.), as well as original step-by-step projects with self shot photos. ⁣

What you need to do: get in touch if you’d like to create with us! We pay per post and you will have the opportunity to choose from our monthly list of pre-selected topics and post types (we’ve done the brainstorming for you!). ⁣

If you have a love for any of these topics, you’d likely for right in!:⁣
– DIY projects and crafts⁣
– Creative ideas and imagery⁣
– Art and design⁣
– Beautiful homes and interiors⁣
– Creative business⁣

Please email submit[at]thewonderforest[dot]com (replace those brackets with the actual characters) with your contact info, a bit about yourself, and either any past blog posts/writing, project photos of things you’ve made, or previous experience so we can see if you’d be a good fit. ⁣