The Ultimate Blogger To-Do List

Creating a blog is an easy feat, but what happens next?  Without your love and attention, your progress could quickly start to go down hill.

The Ultimate Blogger To-Do List is here to help! This book is jam-packed with tasks that will ensure your blog never dries up and disappears into oblivion.

The pages were designed to keep you inspired and productive while improving the functionality and attractiveness of your online space.  Think of this book as a giant sticky note full of reminders and actions to complete that will launch your blog to the next level.



Do you want to know how you can improve your blog?

The Ultimate Blogger To-Do List is a book that I compiled to help you do just that! With over a decade of experience building and revising websites, I’ll hand you some tasks to complete that will help improve your blog’s functionality, professionalism, and attractiveness. I’ve been offering advice to select bloggers in my Blog Review videos, and now I am sharing my top tips and tricks that you can implement right away. There are things you may have overlooked or neglected that need your attention. There are parts of your site just waiting to be touched and ideas that haven’t been considered. Throughout this book, you will unleash the power of productivity through various maintenance and promotion tasks that you can perform again and again.  

Who is this book for?

The Ultimate Blogger To-Do List was created for any person who has a current active blog. I will not show you how to set up a blog from scratch, but rather advise you on improving your current site.

What’s inside?

There are 75 full pages of technical, design, branding, and promotion tasks as well as inspirational quotes and a super handy HTML cheat sheet located at the back of the book.