Fruity iPhone and Desktop Wallpapers

By Dana Fox

As you know, I’ve been totally obsessed with fruity things lately. I have no idea why… but lucky for you, this obsession has put me in the mood for making cute fruity things! Like these watercolour phone wallpapers and desktop graphics. Since I couldn’t decide on just one to give to you, I created four… for whatever sweet treat floats your boat!






These will also work on other devices, so choose the size that best fits your device.

How to install on mobile:
Open the image link on your device. Press and hold on the image and choose Save. Find the image in your photo albums then click the bottom left “share” icon. Choose “use as wallpaper”. Set as Lock screen. Done!How to install on desktop:
Open the Desktop image link above. Right click the image and choose Set As Desktop Background (or similar).

Like these? Do share them! It helps out the blog! If you use them, tag me on Instagram (@wonderforest) so I can see!

Please do not share the full size downloadable images on your blog/website, use for profit in any way, or claim as your own. All artwork is my own. Not to be used in any other form than the original. I offer these freebies to my readers as a small token of my appreciation so please play nice 😉 All artwork is © copyright dana fox and wonder forest, 2014. If you’d like to share, please be sure to link back to this post so your visitors can grab them directly.

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Dana Fox
Dana Fox
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I am a country loving Canadian with a mind that never sleeps. When I'm not running the Wonder Forest blog ship, you can find me creating artwork for phone cases and home decor, whilst managing the daily tasks of Dana Fox Creative. Visit me at the links below if you wanna be friends and follow along on Snapchat: wonderforest.


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