DIY Mid Century Modern Coffee Table (Under $50!)

By Dana Fox

A Simple DIY Mid Century Modern Coffee Table!

While looking for furniture for my cottage reno, I had my heart set on a mid century style coffee table. Being that I’m decorating this property on a budget, I didn’t like the price tags on most of the ones I found.  The design was simple enough, so instead, I decided to make my own!  This way I could also make better use of the space by sizing it to fit properly.

This project was fairly easy, and I am confident that any of you could pull it off!

A Simple DIY Mid Century Modern Coffee Table!

It’s basically just a sheet of MDF and some round tapered table legs!

You will need:


Building a mid century table

Start by finding the center of your MDF sheet. Measure the length and width and mark in the middle of both measurements.

Building a mid century table

Where the measurements meet, add a temporary nail and attach a piece of string to it. This will help make a perfect circle to begin with.

Building a mid century table

Tie a pencil to the other end of the string and, keeping it upright and taught, draw your circle!

Building a mid century table

You can either stop here and just create a standard circular table, or take things to the next level like I did and modify that circular shape. I free-handed a sort of jelly bean shape using the original circle as my guide. In the end, I ended up dropping one side of the “jelly bean” down a little further to create that classic mid century style.

Building a mid century table

Next you’ll want to cut out your shape. Use a jigsaw for this and go slowly! Prop it up on a workbench and exercise safety. If you aren’t comfortable with a jigsaw, you can always get someone to help you who is. They are really easy to use and aren’t scary! Sand the edges smooth afterwards to remove any weird wobbly edges.

Building a mid century table

The next step is to add the legs! I eyeballed this part and traced around each plate before screwing them down. The plates come with screws, so it’s really simple to attach them. You’ll want the angle to point outwards.  Place them where you think the table needs the most support.

Make this DIY Mid Century Table for Under $50!

Finally, it’s time to paint the top! Wrap the legs in plastic bags or something to keep them from being sprayed. You could also take them off, but I found it was easier to have the table propped up on the legs so I could spray the edges smoothly.

This table took multiple coats and 2 cans of paint to get a nice clean finish. Remember to wipe off all dust before painting or you’ll get little bumps (lesson learned!). You can always sand these out after it dries and reapply another coat, but it’s best to make sure the surface is totally clear of dust beforehand.

Make this DIY Mid Century Table for Under $50!

I am so happy with how this turned out! I hope you like it too! The best part was, this table cost me under $50 to make!

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  • Amie Melnychuk

    Have you mentioned in a previous post where the rug is from? It looks wonderfully luxurious.

    • I got it from 🙂

  • Gorgeous coffee table!! Looks like something that’d sell for $300+ at WestElm!

    • Thanks Lauren! Always nice to have a cheap knock off! 😉

  • Looks great! I have to say I also love that rug. I really like the simple design on it and of course I’m attracted to the color gray haha.
    Xo Heather

  • That would be something I’d expect to see in a design studio or office and think that it was worth about £200. Great

  • This is so cute 🙂

    Renee |