20 Fun and Artistic Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter is on its way and arts and crafts are in their full element! This is your chance to create some beautiful and whimsical craft projects themed around Easter. Maybe you want to create a cute basket to collect your Easter candy or maybe you want to decorate the house with bunnies and chicks – we’ve got something for everyone!

Painted Pasta Easter Eggs

painted pasta easter eggs
Source: The Best Ideas for Kids

Pasta is not just for eating, they can make great shapes and patterns to craft with. Grab yourself some coloured card, your favourite paints and some funky pasta shapes and decorate away! See how these create both a 3D and graphic aesthetic!

Decorative Salt Dough Eggs

salt dough easter eggs
Source: Life by Leanna

Salt dough is easy to whip up with ingredients you’ve already got in your house. Think of it like air dry clay and mould it into a simple Easter egg shape. Once painted, these can be used as ornaments, as garland hangings or even place holders!

Easter Bunny Paper Garland

easter bunny paper garland
Source: DIY Candy

A garland is always a safe bet to craft as you can do it at any age. Get yourself some twine and patterned paper and cut some bunny shapes (or even a chick or an egg!) and attach them all together to make a seasonal paper garland! Elevate your Easter bunny garland by adding some cute pom pom tails for an extra dimension.

Pom Pom Bunny Wreath

pom pom bunny wreath
Source: DIY N Crafts

Pom poms are such a great craft because homemade pom poms look as good as ones from the shop. If you have some spare yarn lying around, make some pom poms and add some big bunny ears to make a simple and minimal Easter wreath! Finish it off with a ribbon of your choice and hang it on your door!

Easter Egg Ornaments

easter egg paper ornaments
Source: The Life of Jennifer Dawn

Paper ornaments are always a winner and you can take these out every year to use them again and again. Look at these paper Easter egg ornaments that have been finished off with coloured yarn and beads.

Bunny Basket

Paper plate bunny pouches
Source: Wunschkindwege

Got some spare paper plates? Why not make the cute bunny baskets to hold all of your Easter treats in? These would make great party gifts to hold chocolate and sweets for all of your friends!

Bunny Butts

bunny butt planters
Source: Studio 614

Let’s have a shot at a whimsical and simple craft to level up your existing plants. All you need is cotton balls and foam and you can create these adorable bunny butts to pop in any of your plants!

Lollipop Stick Basket

popsicle stick basket diy
Source: The Joy of Sharing

We all have paper roll tubes lying around and they make such a versatile crafting material. These baskets are a simple paper roll tube wrapped in decorated lollipop sticks with a pipe cleaner handle. Perfect for collecting all of your chocolate eggs in an Easter egg hunt!

Egg Carton Wreath

egg carton wreath
Source: Super Make It

One of my favourite craft materials, and one that is perfect for Easter, is empty egg cartons. Use your leftover egg cartons and dissect them to make these beautiful colourful Spring flowers. Not only do they naturally make your craft 3D, but they provide a tactile texture and can be painted easily. Place and attach these into a wreath shape and there you have it!

Easter Bunny Pendants

easter bunny pendants with paper
Source: Johanna Rundel

Decorations and ornaments are not limited to Christmas, these concertina paper bunnies are so cute and easy to make. Craft mini versions to hang from your plants or big versions to decorate walls!

Pressed Flower Eggs

pressed flower easter eggs
Source: Hello Wonderful

Pressed flowers always make such a big impact with relatively little effort! Select some colourful flowers and get yourself some 3D eggs (you can get ceramic, polystyrene or wood) and glue your flowers flat on the surface. These look great placed in a centrepiece bowl or to decorate your living space!

Upcycled Woven Basket

upcycled paper woven basket
Source: Lia Griffith

Some of my favourite crafts are upcycling old materials. We all have some thick paper bags hanging around the kitchen from grocery shopping or takeaways so why not reuse these and transform them into something else? See how Lia has made an old paper bag into a beautiful woven basket which is perfect for collecting up your Easter treats!

Easter Suncatchers

easter paper suncatchers
Source: Kids Activity Zone

With the weather getting warmer and the sun slowly peeking through, suncatchers are a great way to brighten up the home. Suncatchers are surprisingly easy to make with just some tissue paper and glue yet can completely reinvent a space as sun soaked rainbows shine through your home.

Candy Jars

easter candy jars
Source: Crazy Little Projects

Easter is the time of chocolate and sweets so let’s upgrade these plain jars and make them ready for Easter. Add some character to these jars with some googly eyes and felt feet and they are ready to fill with your favourite treats!

Tin Can Planters

tin can easter vases
Source: Hobbycraft

These tin can planters are a great upcycle project and would look great perched on a windowsill to grow herbs! We’re reaching the time of year to start sowing seeds in our kitchen gardens and what better way to get our kids involved than to create the planter too from an old (and clean) tin can.

Bunny Bags

easy bunny bags
Source: Bounty Parents

Though a little more advanced, these cotton bunny bags are great all year around and will last for years. The minimal bunny face is perfect for kids and adults alike so let’s fill these pouches up with treats or even potpourri!

Kite Paper Window Flowers

origami paper window flowers
Source: Bella Luna Toys

A fun way to decorate your home without taking up space is by creating window decorations. These are made by folding translucent kite paper in a origami-like pattern which lets the sunlight through and livens up a space.

Hanging Easter Posies

hanging egg vases
Source: Gardenista

Hanging flowers are always a delicate and fun way to display nature but to make it Easter-themed, let’s use eggshells as a natural and biodegradable ‘planter’. You’ll need help from an adult as it can be fiddly but the payoff is worth it!

Egg Carton Daffodils

egg carton flowers
Source: Kreativ Karin

Once you’ve used up your eggs, let’s upcycle the egg carton by making a recycled flower centrepiece of daffodils. Nothing screams Easter and Spring like a fresh bunch of daffodils. So make your own by cutting your egg cartons into sections and painting them to make this gorgeous bunch of flowers. 

Yarn Carrots

lace up yarn easter carrot craft
Source: Bright Little Brains

Last on our list is woven yarn carrots! Grab yourself some cardboard, ribbon and yarn to make these cute little carrots. These take some concentration but it’s a good way to spend an afternoon focused on a crafty task!!

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