3 Last-Minute Halloween Decorations

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Happy Halloween, friends!  If you’re like me, you’ve waited until the very last minute to do any sort of preparation for tonight’s trick-or-treaters. Have no fear! If you still need to whip up some last-minute decorations, stay tuned!

I made three decorations in about 10 minutes with some supplies I found in my kitchen, and they are so easy even your kids could do them.


1. Bat

All you need for this one is a black garbage bag, some black paper, tape, and a string. Start by cutting a piece of the garbage bag into a circle. Then with some of the remaining bag, crunch it into a ball and stuff your circle. Tie it with a piece of string to close. Then cut some bat wings. Attach the wings with some tape to the plastic garbage ball (add a face if you like with some scrap paper), and add a string to hang.


2. Bag Ghost

All you need for this one is a plain white plastic bag, and a second plastic bag for the head. Stuff the bottom of your bag with the second bag and form a ball. Tie at the neck with some string, then with a sharpie draw a face. Attach a string to hang.


3. Paper Ghost

This one brings back the kindergartener in you. Just cut a circle (the best you can) on a sheet of white paper. Then, cut a spiral into the circle as the line shows, making it slightly thicker as you go around. Leave enough of a round space in the middle for the head. Draw on a face and attach a string!

How freaking easy was that? Now you have no excuses for an un-decorated house tonight!

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