6 Packed Items That You Should Never Travel Without

6 Packed Items That You Should Never Travel Without

Before you go travelling or away on holiday, some tough choices need to be made. We’re talking packing! You can prioritize essentials that are a must like your passport, insurance documents and travel itinerary… but what goes in after that? I find that when you are travelling, even forgetting the smallest thing can ruin your day. Here are some essential items that I can’t be without whilst I’m travelling…

A New Book

Reading is good for the mind and soul, it helps you to escape, to forget any of your worries and also helps you This obviously depends on the amount of spare time you have and whether or not you enjoy reading. But if there’s ever a time to start a new book it’s while your travelling. Being away gives you a better ability to focus on reading, and somehow you can just finish a book much quicker.

Travel Pillow

Likely one of life saver’s on the list for people travelling. A travel neck pillow for long haul trips and save you from neck pain during your holidays and also help with getting some sleep on overnight trips. Most people don’t think they need one, until they try one, the majority of the premium travel pillows are smaller and easier stored away.

Rain Poncho

Depending on where your travelling to, a rain poncho can be a bright idea (EVEN when the forecast may look optimistic). It’s always good to be prepared for the bad weather and not get caught in the bad weather. Rain ponchos come in ridiculously compactible sizes now, so it’s worth considering.

Pain Relief  Tablets

Regardless of where you travel to, there will likely be access to pain relief, but taking your own is still essential. Buying a trusted brand from your home country means you know what your taking and your bodies reaction to it. Although most countries will offer similar products if you can’t understand the directions of use on the box or you can cause an adverse reaction to it, you’ll likely suffer more than you need to. It’s a small box to fit in your bag, so it’s worth adding!

Universal Charger

To some, it might be a distinct product to bring, but sadly it can be forgotten at times. Have a quick google on what type of plug you need and get one, it can be a panic buy in the airport of a struggle to find one if you try and purchase one while away. Phones, tablets and other electricals are pretty reliant on your charger, so, make sure it’s in your handbag or suitcase.


Music can make your travelling experience so much better, make sure your earphones are ready for the airport and buy a premium pair that won’t fail for the long journeys. On a side note, find some new music to listen to while you’re away, you’ll probably find some amazing songs that will remind you of your holiday for a lifetime.

Every travelling experience is going to be different, you are going to walk different pathways, meet different people and have a completely unique experience. The only thing that will remain constant throughout your travels is the necessity for a well-stocked backpack. Your backpack is essentially your home for the coming months, containing all of your personal items and holds to potential to make your trip a real success.

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By Alice Porter

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