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I don’t know about you, but I love to fill my Instagram feed up with inspiration and pretty images. You can’t really do that unless you follow some creative people, so I wanted to share with you some Instagrammers that have been inspiring me lately. Below is a collection of super talented artists, some I discovered on Instagram, some I’ve been a fan of for a long while. I love seeing their process, progress, and final creations.

1. Alex Louisa @alexlouisa_
Alex is one of the newest additions to my feed and I am loving the range of talent she displays in her photos. She uses a variety of mediums and is equally talented at portraits as well as still life.

2. Bec Winnel @becwinnel
Bec has been one of my biggest inspirations for a long time now. I love stalking her Instagram pics to check out her progress and to learn new tricks while seeing how she does things. She’s working on a collab right now with Alex Louisa (above) too!

3. Kelly Smith @birdyandme
HUGE fan of Kelly’s work. Her portraits are so beautiful and I love the pops of colour she adds. Her recent Goonies tribute (right) is one of my favs.

4. Patrick Cabral @darkgravity
I found Patrick randomly but have been following his hand lettering work for a while now. He’s mastering calligraphy and it’s always fun to see what he comes up with next and what style he is perfecting. I wish he sold prints!

5. “Hash” Ashish Patel @ilovehash
Ummm… ok Hash has to be one of the most talented portrait artists I’ve come across. His work is breathtaking and I hope to have half of his abilities one day. I mean, people even comment on his pictures thinking they are actual photographs. Insane!

6. Isabelle Kessedjian @kessedjian
Moving on over to the more illustrated side of things, Isabelle is a fav in my books. She is an artist from Paris who shares bits and pieces of her sketchbooks, crochet work, and even does cute little “draw it” demonstrations as shown on the right.

7. Oana Befort @oanabefort
I’ve also been a fan of Oana for a while now and her watercolour work is what inspires me to venture out and try new things with watercolours. She creates the most perfect florals and has a lovely feed, so be sure to check it out!

8. Polly Fern Sergeant @pollyfern
Polly is an illustrator from England and I am obsessed with the amount of detail she packs into her watercolour work. She’s a pro at cute critters and I really enjoy having a sneak peek into her studio.

What Instagrammers inspire you?
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