Easy Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

One of my first makeup tutorials, “9 Step Dark Smokey Eye Tutorial” is still one of my most viewed posts after two years. It’s bothered me for way too long that the photos are so crappy…. and seriously, what was up with my eyebrows?! 

I wanted to give that tutorial a bit of a makeover itself because I’m a sucker for freshness and a bit of a compulsive updater.

This weekend I was finally able to recreate the look for you in picture form. I also simplified things. I hope you like it and give it a try!

This tutorial is probably one of the easiest makeup looks you can accomplish. One colour, and lots of blending.

I skipped out on lining my eyes this time around because you really don’t need to with this look. Scroll down for instructions. (If you’re looking for something more natural and fast, try my 5 minute makeup tutorial!)

Smokey Eye How To:

Step 1: Fill your entire lid with a black eyeliner. This helps intensify the smokiness and makes your shadow stay put longer.

Step 2: Pat a black eyeshadow on top of the liner

Step 3: Gently drag the colour into your crease and blend. Use short upwards stroke motions.

Step 4: With a larger — clean — blending brush, continue gently blending out the edges, getting rid of that harsh line.

Step 5: Concentrate blending the shadow outwards at the outer corner of your eye and the inner corner (up towards your eyebrow). You can add a bit more shadow to darken.

Step 6: Apply the same black shadow under your waterline, blending downwards

Step 7: This is the finished blending

Step 8: Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes

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Products used:
Black shadow from the 88 Palette
Eyeliner by Rimmel
Extra Wow Lash mascara by Rimmel

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