Beach Ready Perfectly Messy Milk Braids | Hair Tutorial

Hi you guys! It’s Emily from The Freckled Fox back again to show you guys how to do this super simple style that’s perfect for a breezy Summer day or night. I especially love wearing styles this relaxed hairdo to the beach or to the lake, because I don’t want to be worried about what’s going on with my hair the whole time and styles like this with braids are perfect for looking cute before going in, while you’re swimming, etc, and afterwards! Lets get on with the directions:)

Tools & Supplies:
– two hair-ties or small rubber bands
– bobby pins
– hairspray

Steps 1-3: (1) Begin by ‘scratching’ your head to loosen up your hair a bit from your scalp. Split your hair in half down the back with an uneven part, and (2) split one of those in half again vertically. Braid the first section from top to bottom in a loose dutch braid, by starting with the top rectangle of hair and (3) adding in random chunks of hair into the braid before sending a piece under, instead of over like with a normal braid. I pulled out some fringe pieces before starting, but if you’d like to you can wait to that till later.

Steps 4-6: (4) Pull the sides of the braid apart as roughly as you want (we’re not going for neatness here:)), to help your braids appear thicker and fuller. (5) Repeat step 3 and 4 with the back section, and the same thing on the other side of your head. Loosen up your whole head and give it a spray. (6) Take your two front braids and criss-cross them in the back (if you have hair above your shoulder-blades then don’t cross them in the back) and bring them up and over to the top of your head, about 3-4 inches from your hair line. Pin them well.

Steps 9-12: Criss-cross your back pair of braids in the same fashion, (7) only pin these closer to the front of your hair. (8) Make sure that you’re tucking the hair-ties under the braids so they’re not visible. Tug out more flyaway’s if you wish, (9) scratch your scalp again a bit to keep it loose, and spray it all again for good hold to finish it up!

Lately I’m in love with hairstyles that aren’t too picky about neatness or order, because they’re quick to put together while still looking great, and also because everyone can do them! I hope that you love this style and decide to give it a try, and I know that both Dana and I would love to hear what you think about it so be sure and leave some feedback, and thanks for reading today! xo

Emily is an overachiever through and through who loves spending her time working as a natural light photographer, a fashion and beauty blogger on her site The Freckled Fox, an NPC fitness competitor, a hairstyle enthusiast, and online shopper extraordinaire. Most of all she’s a lucky wife and mother to her four kiddos, 4 and under. Addictions include list writing, peanut butter, going barefoot, and posting to her Instagram.

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By Dana Fox

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