Brow Confidential: 8 Different Eyebrow Shapes

I get asked about my eyebrows a lot and it’s probably one of my favourite parts about doing my makeup. I am a firm believer that your brows make your face. 

Depending on your natural brow shape and face shape, one person’s everyday brow could look completely different on somebody else.

I’ve put together a little demonstration of different brow shapes and styles you can try. I suggest testing some out for yourself and finding one that suits you the best, and by the way if you need a brow product, check out my Anastasia Dipbrow review here!

1. Zero Brow Fill – Unfortunately some of us aren’t blessed with gorgeous brows, and while leaving them as mother nature intended is totally fine, you should consider filling them in if you want to give them a little shape!

2. The Quick Fill – For the beginner who just wants to add a bit of darkness to define the natural brow shape. Easily and quickly done with a pencil, just follow your natural brow shape.

3. The High Arch – Create a more exaggerated arch by adding more fill to the top of your brow’s highest point. Concentrate on filling the top rather than the bottom of the brow. Great for opening up your eyes and making them appear larger.

4. The Straight Brow – This looks best on narrow faces to make your face appear wider. The lack of arch and straight across brow lengthens your eye area horizontally.

5. The Short Arch – Where the Straight Brow makes your face appear wider, this can make it appear a bit thinner. It’s your standard arch without an exaggerated tail end.

6. The Bold Brow – Extra thick and statement-making! Not everyone can pull this one off (including me) and it tends to look best on those with a naturally thick brow. With a little shaping and arching it’s not tough to get that Delevingne inspired brow!

7. The Defined Arch – Not as thick as the High Arch, this one follows your natural brow width with no extra fillers. The arch happens at your natural arch line and and the tail gradually gets smaller. This is my go-to brow look. Clean up the bottom with concealer on a brush for a nice sharp line!

8. The Extended Inner – If your eyes are wide set, this would look best on you. Bringing the inner brow in towards your nose a bit more helps to make your eyes appear closer set. Stay away from this if you have close set eyes!


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By Dana Fox

Founder of the Wonder Forest blog and brand and bestselling author of the Watercolor With Me book series.

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