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I’ve been doing a lot of reading about herbal teas lately, and am going to start working them into my daily routine. Normally I’m only really a tea drinker if I’ve got a cold, but there are so many other benefits to herbs that I didn’t know about until now. For example, did you know that they can ease anxiety and even help with nightmares? I didn’t! Here are a few different types of herbal teas and the benefits of each…

A sedative herb great for calming and relieving stress. Soothes the stomach, relieves indigestion and bloating. Chamomile is a great herb for relaxing or unwinding at the end of the day and can help with anxiety. Due to its calming nature, it also aids in sleep. Some people are allergic, so this wouldn’t be a good option for them.

Aids in digestion and is great for people with IBS or digestive issues. It also eases gas, nausea, vomiting (and motion sickness!), and muscle spasms. It can help heat up the body to sweat out sickness. The mint is also a natural breath freshener. People with heartburn should avoid.

Soothes your stomach and aids nausea or motion sickness. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well which is great for people with arthritis. Drink it when you’re feeling ill with a splash of lemon juice and honey!

I swear by Echinacea whenever I feel a cold coming on. It boosts the immune system (which helps fight off colds). It also eases pain due to its antioxidant effects.

Widely used due to its huge range of benefits. Polyphenols (antioxidants) suppress free radicals. It can apparently reduce the risk of cancer and and stops tumors from forming. It can also lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, and prevent you from getting sick. It prevents (and helps) dental issues as well.

Helps to make you feel more at ease and brighten your spirits. Safe for children to drink before bed to fight off nightmares! Calms nervousness and anxiety. Bonus: it helps with memory and brain functions.

Helps to relax your muscles (post-workout tea anyone?) and aids in digestion. If you have a cold, Rosemary can help cure a cough and asthma symptoms. People with liver and gallbladder issues can benefit from Rosemary as it offers relief.

Great for before bed time, it can ease you into sleep due to its soothing properties. Like many other herbs, it also soothes stomach issues. It can reduce fevers if you’re feeling ill and it also helps lift your spirits and can aid with depression.

What is your favourite kind of tea?

disclaimer: obviously i am not a doctor or dietitian. this is information i’ve gathered from various readings and informational texts about herbs and their natural benefits. if you have medical issues you should talk with your doctor.

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