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I generally carry a very large purse or tote and it can be difficult trying to locate some of my smaller items, like lipgloss and change. So I wanted to make a little pouch that was easy to make but didn’t have that “handmade feel”; something more classy and chic. So I went with a simple black leather pouch.

S U P P L I E S :: scrap black leather, scissors, paint, paintbrush, heavy duty snaps

1.) Begin by cutting out the shape of your pouch. I chose to have a rounded flap, but I love the idea of a pointed one that will look like an envelope. Remember that this is one long piece of leather and not two or three pieces.

2.) Turn your pouch inside out and sew along the sides of your pouch. Once the sides are sewn, you can flip it back right side out.

3.) Now for the tricky part, you’ll need to mark where your fasteners will go. I just used a pen to put a dot where the snap would be able to line up. Then, you’ll need to set them in place. Ideally you would use a fastener, but I just use a hammer and a metal block (use what you got!). Once they’re set in place, snap it shut and make sure they’re secure.

4. ) If you want to add detail, then add a fun print using your paint! I chose a dalmatian print because I’m simply smitten with it this season. For this technique, you’ll just make spots of all shapes and sizes – there’s really no perfect way do it, just whatever you like best! Let it dry for about an hour and then you’re done!


I love how quick and easy this was and the result was just what I needed! So what are you going to keep in your new leather pouch?

xo. melisa

Melisa is a 25 year old wife, blogger, entrepreneur and adventurer living in Texas. She loves to create and longs to bring beauty to the world. Her blog, Pie N’ the Sky is dedicated to to sharing her life, creativity, and style.

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