Make Your Own Hanging Wall Banner with Quote

I love a little decor DIY project and had been wanting to make one of these quote wall hanging banners for quite a while now. I’d seen them in magazines and shops and they really didn’t look that hard to make, so I decided to give it a go and make it up as I went along. I figured I’d document the process in case you wanted to make one too!

First of all, you’ll need:

  • Light coloured fabric – canvas or linen works well
  • Scissors
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Paint and small paint brush
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Stick or dowel and string for hanging

Step 1: cutting the fabric



  1. The size of your banner can be whatever size you like. Fold the fabric at a length you like, and with a ruler, measure out the width. I made mine 12″ wide.
  2. Draw a line on your measurements so you can cut a nice straight line.
  3. Cut the fabric length wise.
  4. Then cut it off at the bottom edge.
  5. Now you have your starting banner.

Step 2:  Cut the banner shape



  1. Fold your fabric in half length wise, edge to edge.
  2. With your ruler and pencil, make a line from the center point at the bottom (on the edged side, not the folded side) and up a few inches to create a triangle.
  3. Cut along the line
  4. Unfold to reveal your banner shape.

Step 3: Sew



  1. With your banner still folded in half, sew 1/4″ around the edges, starting a couple of inches away from the top and ending about an inch and a half from the top on the other side.
  2. Flip the banner inside out through the larger gap you left.
  3. Press with an iron and then sew an inch and a half from the top, all the way across the top. This will be where your stick goes.

Step 4: Lettering



  1. If you want to use the same lettering as I used, you can download the template right here and print it out. It should fit a 12″ wide banner nicely printed horizontally. Otherwise, you can create your own words and print them out!
  2. Flip the paper over and, with a pencil, scribble all over the back of the letters. You are essentially making your own carbon copy paper with the lead.
  3. Place the paper on your banner where you want it and press firmly while tracing over the letters with your pencil. Be sure to hold the paper in place because if it slips you will mess up the positioning! Take your time and trace over the letters.
  4. The pencil added to the back leaves a light outline of the letter like this.
  5. Grab your paint and a thin paint brush and fill in the letters! This does require some patience, especially if you’re not the steadiest painter in the world. Take your time and it should turn out nicely! I used simple black acrylic paint. You could also use fabric paint, or fabric markers if painting isn’t your thing! I’d be tempted to even try a sharpie if you test it first to make sure it doesn’t bleed or go through the other side.


Step 5: Hang it!


Grab a stick and push it through the top opening. Tie some string on either end and hang it!

I love how this turned out and I will no doubt be making some more! I’d love to see if you make one too. Just tag me on Instagram if you do so I can see how yours turned out!


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By Dana Fox

Founder of the Wonder Forest blog and brand and bestselling author of the Watercolor With Me book series.

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