The Best Skincare Routine For Acne That’s Surprisingly Simple

The Best Skincare Routine For Acne That’s Surprisingly Simple

Do you suffer from acne? Day after day one pops up right after the other. You followed all the instructions and tutorials taught by dermatologists, influencers, and YouTubers. Every treatment, product, and routine you tried has you feeling hopeless. It worked for them so why won’t it work for you?

That’s because acne works in mysterious ways. It doesn’t matter your race, ethnicity or skin type, it can wreak havoc on everyone—especially women. At least 50% of adult women are susceptible to experiencing acne, more so during pregnancy.

Keeping your acne under wraps is like a game of chance. There are new treatments and products arising daily, claiming to solve the painful problem of pimples. It’ll either work for you, make it worse or show little to no results. Instead of hoping and praying for an effective treatment or miracle cream to come to the market, here’s a skincare routine that’ll have you saying goodbye to acne.

The Best Skincare Routine for Acne

The best way to explain this routine and why it works is because of its simplicity. There are no products that are expensive nor do they contain exotic ingredients. As for the technique, it’s something you probably (read: should) do every day. Does all of this information make you curious to find out the steps? Then let’s get to it!

The Steps

The ease of this skincare routine is that it’s done in the morning then again at night. There’s no room for error nor is it hard to remember. Come morning time, whenever you’re getting ready for the day, wash your face with a cleansing product, preferably one that contains at least 10% benzoyl peroxide as it’ll treat moderate to severe acne. If you’re wary using something that potent, there are 2.5% and 5% concentrations.

Benzoyl peroxide is most effective for treating acne as it kills bacteria. Along with being a breakout buster, it also acts as an exfoliate, removing dead skin cells and excessive sebum from pores. So for those of you thinking it’s highly damaging to skin, it only is if you overuse it. Other than that, you can’t go wrong using this ingredient.

After you cleanse your skin in the morning, your pores are open so applying moisturizer is a must. You’ll need to restore the hydration back into your skin to prevent further breakouts. Then you can apply makeup or go on with your day like any other weekday.

For bed time, follow the same routine as in the morning. Take off your makeup then wash your face with the same cleansing product. Put on a night cream to nourish your skin and off to bed you go!

There’s really nothing to this routine. There’s not a million products involved that leave your skin and pores crying for moisture nor does it require a notepad full of steps to be completed. Acne has met its match because you’re allowing the product to penetrate your pores, allowing it time to do its job and not slathering on other acne-products like you would with other routines. You’ll begin to see your acne shrivel day by day to the point you’ll forget what it was like having a face full of pimples.

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