Tropical Flowers Watercolour Tutorial

How To Paint Tropical Flowers in Watercolour

Painting flowers is a great way to familiarize yourself with watercolour because there are so many different shapes you can create and so many different colour combinations to discover.  You don’t have to be a professional artist to dabble in floral painting, because even the simplest, most loose arrangements usually end up turning out lovely.

In this new painting video, I wanted to share how I create these tropical flowers using a couple of basic techniques. I really love how this turned out and the colour palette worked so well.

How To Paint Tropical Flowers in Watercolour

How to paint tropical watercolour flowers

If you’re ready to watch, click here or press the play button below.

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In spirit of the “paradise” getaway that these two ladies attend, I decided to paint some tropical flowers! I hope you like this one and if you create some watercolor flowers of your own, tag me on instagram! @wonderforest

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