Why You Shouldn’t Be a Fashion Blogger

Why You Shouldn't Be a Fashion Blogger

In all honesty, of course you should be a fashion blogger if that’s what you want. I wish I had run a fashion blog when I worked with fashion design… This post is not really meant to tell you what you shouldn’t do, but to tell you that you can do anything you want!

I have been blogging since 1996 or so. In 1997 was when I did some web designing and coding for the first time, to perfect my own blog’s appearance. This led to an eventual Etsy shop (much later), then to a successful freelance career, then to a studio. I never planned any of this. But it happened, because of a blog. Actually, it happened because of my need to perfect my blog and because it became something I liked to do.

My entrepreneurial soul always pushed me to have my own business. Do my own thing. There are many ways to get there, really. Turning our passion into our profession is definitely my favorite way. If blogging is a passion, I don’t see why we can’t turn it into our profession – or why it can’t lead us into a new career (like it happened to me).

Whether you want to start a fashion blog, a cooking blog, a health blog or a travel blog…it’s possible! I can’t list the number of successful bloggers that actually make a comfortable living making what they love.

I believe the secret to a blogger’s success lies in:


Love it as you might, once it becomes a responsibility, it will take a toll on you. Being committed is a must. Things will get tough, they will slow down, money will be scarce at some points. But if we are committed to it, we’ll succeed.


Blogging for profit requires a lot of organization. An Editorial Calendar is a must! Planning ahead, writing + taking or choosing the photos ahead of time will definitely save a lot of headache and will help you make sure your post is always out on the right day and time .


When things get tough, it is our passion that moves us on. So blogging about something that is “in” is definitely not what we want to do. We want to blog about something we know, something we love, something we can do for hours and still enjoy it.


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By Kelly Brito

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