Eyebrow Tutorial: How I Fill My Brows

Naturally, I have really thin, awkward eyebrows. They stop about where the arch is, so to complete any makeup look, I always have to fill them in. I have tried tons of products from pencils to eyeshadow (my second fav choice), but for the past few months I've been using something a little unconventional and it's been my go-to product. Scroll down to learn about it and follow the steps!

1. I first use my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to draw a sort of guide line underneath my brow. This also helps with highlighting later on. Draw it on, and then blend it in with your finger.

2. My unconventional eyebrow product: Urban Decay's Ink for Eyes. It's actually a cream eyeliner but I love the shade and how smooth it glides on, for that perfect crisp line. The colour I use is called Demolition. It comes in a little case with an angled brush. You can also use any matte eyeshadow or cream liner in a pot to complete this look, but the angled brush is key!

3. Start by creating a line underneath your brow up to the beginning of your natural arch. By starting underneath, we can make the brow look a little higher when we add some bulk to the top.

4. Draw another line from the top of your arch to the end. If you're familiar with the brush ruler trick, if you hold a brush from the outer corner of your eye to the side of your nostril, this is where the line should end.

5. This step looks a little funny, but is where the bulk of your brow comes from. I like to make mine a little thicker than they naturally are. Draw a line above your brow and connect to your arch.

6. Fill in the blanks! Once you're done, you can take a Q-tip and carefully blend out any harsh lines. Another trick is to take some concealer on a brush and go around the top of your brow to make it a little sharper.

7. Finish by brushing on a white shadow for highlight, directly underneath the brow.

8. Voila!

p.s. I'm featured on Makeup.com today!

Some products in this tutorial:

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  1. I love using eyeliner for doing eyebrows! As you have clearly demonstrated it doesn't look harsh at all! It looks great :)

  2. Looks lovely,I like the shape very much!
    Can you tell me how you get the pictures of your used products at the bottom of your post?



  3. These are such good tips! wish i could do my eye make up like this! (:

    Remia x

  4. I love eyebrows there my favourite part of any makeup look! Great post you have a lovely blog I'd love you to check out mine if you have the time xx

  5. Wow, they're such a lovely shape! Great tutorial. :) I'm quite lucky with my eyebrows, so i'm pretty sure I'd be terrible at having to fill them in! xxx


  6. They look so lovely :) I have the same kind of brows, they've just never grown very thick and the ends of them are about one hair thick so not doing my brows in a morning is a big no no, I'm definitely going to be trying this liner trick :)
    Rosalie x

  7. I LOVE the brows! Ive been looking for a way to learn how to get mine like this! Thanks for sharing!!
    Brittany xo!

  8. It's amazing how eyebrows can completely transform someones face - love your eyebrow shape, they are lovely! x


  9. They look actually amazing at the end, like a model's :)


  10. As I've gotten older, my brows have disappeared! So I have half brows like you! Thank you for this! I shall give it a try, on a day when I need makeup. Of course, I don't think mine will look anything like yours!

    1. haha, it's so strange! My brows didn't used to look like this either! I never had to fill them in... but as you said, as I got older they just started disappearing! Same thing happened to my mom she pretty much has no eyebrows anymore haha.

  11. Jealous. Mine would never turn out that good if tried your method!
    The Introverted Brunette

  12. My eyebrows are thin and light little things too. I envy people with naturally thicker brows!! I'm not a fan of the drawn on look though, so I use a dior pencil in a close-to-my-brow-color color and I use it very sparingly. My face just doesn't suit a really bold brow if I were to draw them on intensely. Yours sure does though!

  13. I always use an eyebrow pencil as my eyebrows are so light and fine but it gives a harsh kind of look to them I think, I much prefer eye shadow but I'll definitely be giving this method a go:)


    Sophia xx

  14. Looks so amazing and I wish I can do this and pull it off correctly!

  15. Great tutorial! Definitely going to try it!

  16. This is awesome. Thank you. I also have really funky natural brow that are thin but scattered and light in color, just a mess really so this is really helpful!

  17. Wow, your brows look perfect. This just reminds me how badly mine have gotten.. I need to get them done ASAP.

  18. I love your make-up tutorials. Your brows are so spot-on and awesome, I'll have to try this look after I tame mine a bit!

  19. great tutorial..that was what I needed! thank you so much for sharing this :)
    i always really like your tutorial posts<3


  20. Such a helpful tutorial. I have thick, dark eyebrows but I still need to fill them a little for a neater look.

    Thanks for sharing the tips!

    PrettyGloss - makeup, beauty & a lil gibberish

  21. hahaha sort of have the same kind of eye brows. this is a good help! i'll try it soon! thanks!:D

    xx, leaesguerra.blogspot.com

  22. Honey they look absolutely fantastic!! :o

    Lea x

    It's Such A Wonderful Life -

  23. They look amazing! :) xxx


  24. That's amazing! I will definitely have to share this info with my bff who has the same type of eyebrows like you! Thanks!


    Jess Classy

  25. AH love this!!! They look great :)

    Andrea x


  26. Oh god I totally love your brows! This is absolutely perfect!


  27. love this post!
    in the past i've had the biggest problems filling in my eyebrows. haha


  28. Like this post, hope someday i can make up like this..
    see me sometime


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