5 Strand Braided Headband Tutorial

Ever have one of those days where you just can't seem to get anything finished? That is my today. It's been one thing after another all day long and I am just finally getting to complete this post. This is my second last festival style collab with LuLu*s and I hope you like it! Originally, I wanted to make this headband a belt, but it turned out a little too short. Actually if I'm being completely honest here, this wasn't even what I had planned for today, but it works. My original project is having some difficulties, so hopefully I can bring that to you next week instead if all ends up working out. Anyways, here is my latest festival look, and a fun five-strand braided headband DIY at the end!

Sometimes the best accessories are quick, easy, and made from recycled materials! This headband was made from an old t-shirt and a strand of lace! Anybody can do it and here's how:


1. Start with 5 two inch strips of an old t-shirt. Pull on each piece to stretch it out and make it curl. Join a strand of lace to the first t-shirt strip.

2. Secure the pieces together with glue or sew them. Tape to a table and start braiding as shown in the photos above! When you're done, just sew or glue the ends together again. Tie around your head, or create a longer one for your waist!

More Festival Style with LuLu*s:

Do you wear headbands? What are some of your fav hair accessories for summer?

Clothing in this post:
RVCA White Shadow Gray Tank Top c/o LuLu*s
Billabong With Luv White Crochet Maxi Skirt c/o LuLu*s
"D" initial necklace c/o Omerica Organic
 Lace bandeau from Urban Outfitters

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  1. As always, beautiful photos. Really loved this post, such a great fun idea :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. The photography's lovely and I love the headband. I'll definitely be attacking my t-shirt tonight and making this (:

  3. Love a good DIY project! Love your skirt in this too x


  4. I love it. I wish I were better at DIY. My talent in that area is pretty much restricted to tiedye...


  5. What a beautiful skirt! I am in love! Also, you paired the perfect diy with this outfit!

  6. You look gorgeous, love the headband. An easy DIY accessory for summer xx

  7. cute cute! :)

    make sure to enter my giveaway for a Starbucks gift card!

  8. so lovely :3 I wish I had enough hair to do this! x


  9. Gorgeous photos and love this tutorial! I am definitely a headband girl, my favourites are from Just Lovely Things and Much Love Illy.

  10. Did the headband this morning, only using a different color t-shirt. Check out my blog for the photos of it (:

  11. Love the tutorial - I love how the headband almost blends into your hair except for the pop of white! Definitely will be trying it out this summer.

    xx, Bubbly in Brooklyn

  12. Omg I love that headband! This is such a great DIY; thanks for sharing it! :)

    lots of love, Dana Carmella ♔
    Bloglovin' & Blog: Pretty Odd ♡

  13. So pretty :) xxx


  14. wearing a headband but always feel like I look about three years old when I put them in. This one is so cute yet sophisticated - love!
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