10 Signs You Are a Feminine Leader

10 Signs You Are a Feminine Leader

The new feminine leadership paradigm is based on the premise that feminine qualities like intuition, vulnerability, and creativity are highly valuable. Have you ever silenced those parts of yourself in the workplace? 

“It’s not personal, it’s business.”

“Be tough.”

“Never show your cards.”

“Never show weakness or vulnerability.”

Do these sound familiar? These are the messages that many of us receive about work from our elders about work.

Millennial women are the second or third generation of women in the workplace (depending on what your grandmother did). Past generations of women working in offices learned to fit into office culture by acting like men and many passed on that knowledge to their daughters in service of success.

As a young adult it was clear to me that being a woman wouldn’t get me far so I should act like a man. As a result I disowned my feminine qualities in exchange for reason, logic, clarity, assertiveness and focus which helped me achieve goals.

I experienced success in the office and in my career, but outside the office was another story. I began to experience burnout and my uterus screamed at me in pain every month. I was even acting like a man in my relationship and the polarity was reversed, leaving me feeling overextended and overwhelmed. My life’s work has been to overcome those feminine wounds, to welcome the feminine into my life and to help other people do the same.

Throughout my career path and experience, I have identified what it looks like to shift our workplaces, company values, and approaches to work to be balanced between the masculine and the feminine.

And now women must learn to step into their innate powers, while men need to restore their relationship to both the masculine and the feminine. Together we must re-create how we relate to ourselves, one another, and the earth.

Here are ten ways to know if you are part of the new feminine leadership paradigm.

You Honour Your Physiology

The structures and schedules you have created for your life and work support and nourish your body and the bodies of your team members. You recognize that being in touch with your body’s experience is just as important as your mental performance. It also creates more success when your body feels good. You find yourself advocating for better employee benefits, policies, and support your colleagues in creating a culture of work-life balance.

You Welcome All of Yourself

The shadowy shame of your past has been exposed in various ways, and you’re not afraid to talk about it. You’ve reclaimed the parts of yourself that were once exiled out of fear and shame, and it has allowed you to fully own your gifts. Now your team members appreciate your raw realness and trust you more because of it. Wholeness is a priority as you notice, reveal, and own your emotional experience to those around you.

You Have Your Own Definition of Success

Success can be a slippery word, and often people equate it with what appear to be societal norms. In contrast, you feel a resonance with what success means to your soul, and you have remembered why your soul came to this earth. As you actively seek the ease, flow, joy, and play that has your heart sing and fulfills your mission for traveling to this earth, you enjoy the fruits of your labour.

You Follow Where Your Curiosity And Creativity Lead You

It can be challenging in our fast-paced world, but you do your best to follow what feels in flow, interesting, and creative in your workday. Recording your creative and intuitive insights is built into your months, weeks, and days, and you often share them with your teams and colleagues.

Altruism And Sustainability Are Top Concerns

You find yourself standing for your company to give back to the community and coming up with ideas to be of service, whether that’s volunteer work or matching charitable gifts. You ask yourself if your company is in service to the earth and humanity, and you take steps to make sure that your paycheck is coming from a reputable source. You are concerned about creating a future that will work for the next seven generations.

You Have an Abundance Mindset

You don’t worry too much about people taking your ideas or your customers because you know that there’s more coming your way. You know that we all have unique gifts and voices, and there are enough resources for everyone.

You See Vulnerability as a Strength

Revealing your experience can often be in service of deeper connection with your clients and colleagues, so you take the chance of showing up vulnerably, and people love you for it. You practice creating safe spaces to emote, and you honestly tell the truth about your experience.

You Are Committed to Growth

While some people are committed to the status quo, you know that there are opportunities to grow in every area of life at every moment. Learning is your hobby and self awareness comes naturally. You are open to exploring your edges and debriefing tough situations to find out what went great and what needs work.

Collaboration is Easy and Important For You

You are good at building strong relationships with your teams and colleagues because it’s clear that you value their contributions. As you constantly ask, “what’s next?” and “how can we work together?” you open up opportunities for yourself and your team members to shine in ways that can be delightfully surprising. Because of this strength, the team and contributors appear to be interdependent, constantly asking one another “How can I help?”

Integrity is a Priority

You know exactly what your values are, and the way you live is in alignment with those values. The way you spend your time, energy, and money reflects what you value in life and work.

Are you part of the new feminine leadership and business paradigm? It’s an exciting time to be alive, to be part of this shift, and it’s so needed in our world. As men and women step into roles where they are honouring themselves, the earth, and others, we will see how business and leadership shifts the consciousness of the planet. 

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By Carrie Jordan

Carrie Jordan is the creator of the Life Design Planner [therisecollective.org/life-design-planner] featuring her feminine-dominant goal setting method. She is the founder and Priestess of TheRiseCollective.org, teaching women to step into leadership and work with the unseen forces to co-create reality. Get started with your goals with the Clarity Workbook.[therisecollective.org/clarity]