5 Lessons Learned As a Mom Blogger

5 Lessons Learned As a Mom Blogger

If you don’t consider your mom blog a business, it is time that you start. Mom blogging is considered a huge revenue driven industry that most moms are unaware about. Other moms out there want to read about what we do on a daily basis. How you get your kids to sleep, what you feed them for lunch, what to look for when putting them in daycare, how to make time to clean your house – you know, the basics of what we do every day but don’t think anyone wants to hear about.

Once you start writing about products, ideas and advice that other moms want to know about, you have yourself a business. I had this same concept in my mind that I could never make money off of my blog, maybe just get a few free products here and there, but I was so wrong.

When I began my mom blog to the point where I finally realized I could get money instead of free products from companies, that is when I decided my blogging was not just a “hobby” anymore but it was what some call a “side hustle”. Now acknowledging my blog as a business, I get contacted more by companies than ever before, but now I know how to handle it.

So, what are some lessons I learned turning my mom blog into a business?

Stop Working For Free

The first lesson I learned when turning my blog into a business was to stop working for free. There were SO many companies out there that I learned did not know that bloggers worked for money. I learned that I needed to find something to relate my audience to their company and explain why we were a great fit and then mention that I would work with any budget. I would not turn away any business, and sometimes it is a battle of pricing, but in the end, $10 for an Instagram story, is better than a free one. Always try to turn a freebie into a sale – you have a great product and people are wanting more of it.

Keep Your Prices Close

In the beginning, I had no idea how to pitch to companies or counter pitch to companies that wanted me to work for free. However, I did notice that if I went straight to pricing, it would result in a different conversation than if I explained why my audience would be great for their company and then asked what their budget was. There were some times when I had asked for their budget and they told me like 10x the amount that I was going to quote them at. Always reinforce that you can work with any budget, but in the end, it is your call if you really want to work with the budget they set if it is too low.

Make a Connection With The Company

Making a connection with the company is so important. You know that your competition is HUGE as a mom blogger and they sought out your blog to work with. Always respond with a positive about their company and what you love about it. 

Find Your Niche and Audience

This is important: try to establish your niche in the beginning before you put together all of your social media pages and buy your blog domain. I established my blog, domain, and social media accounts before I established my niche and honestly, it is too late in the game now for me to change. I learned that if you are looking to change over your blog to a business, it takes more than one boring summer day to make it all work. Purchasing a domain is extremely important if you are turning your blog into a business so before doing so, make sure you have a name secured and a target audience that you want to reach.

Join Social Media Groups ASAP

If you are not involved in any groups on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Telegram, then start reaching out to your niche groups immediately. In order to get your numbers in followers up there, you need to be involved in everything. I’m talking about giveaways, comment pods, like pods, follow Fridays, Pinterest board groups, Facebook groups with others who are blogging experts like you. These are all important and should have time actually spent on them. There are tons of Facebook groups that are always looking for guest bloggers and self-promoting, it is imperative to join these and become involved. 

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By Jennifer O'Shea

Jennifer is a freelance writer, military wife, motherhood + lifestyles blogger, a mom to a nutty 3-year-old, and a National Board Certified Teacher. She lives in Washington State and is a born + raised New Yorker. In her spare time, she loves traveling, yoga, fitness and everything organic. Her blog is Teach.Workout.Love.

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