5 Tips To Decorate Your Front Door For Christmas

5 Tips for Decorating Your Front Door This Christmas

Christmas is a time of year that emphasizes on strengthening family ties, organizing parties, visiting loved ones, surprising the kids with vibrantly wrapped gifts, serving turkey dinner, pumpkin & apple pie, old wine, and crispy cookies. 

To make this day even more enjoyable and special, people across the globe (all those who celebrate it) indulge themselves in decking their pretty homes with stunning Christmas decorations, which can impress their guests with an amazing festive cheer.

Considering the fact that creativity has no boundaries, decorating your home for the holiday season and particularly for Christmas, allows you to become as creative as you can be.

When it comes to Christmas holiday decorations, you can even implement some of the most abstract ideas – which can really make your home appear unique in front of a number of other houses.

When you add that special touch to your house, decorating your porch and front door play a major role in welcoming your Christmas guests and loved ones with festive warmth.

Here are some of the important tips for decorating your front door and porch for the holidays:

Christmas House with Garland Door

Photo: PotteryBarn

Hang a nicely created garland on the door

Since your front door makes way for your guests to enter the house and says the first hello to them, it surely deserves some stunning decorations.

And when it comes to giving special attention to your front door and porch, you can easily do that by being simple yet extremely stunning.

Create a garland from fresh greenery, pine cone and pine twigs, and deck it with Christmas ornaments.

If you want your garland to have that traditional Christmas feel, go for red and white Christmas ornaments. Drape the garland in such a way that it can effectively outline your front door.

Outdoor Christmas Door and Entry

Photo: homebunch.com

Place a Christmas tree next to your front door

Placing a beautiful and wonderfully decorated Christmas tree right next to your front door is another interesting way of highlighting the entry.

You can use a number of things to decorate the tree such as fancy ribbons, lights, Christmas Stars, holiday stockings, pine cones, and vintage ornaments.

Christmas Wreaths for Door

Photo: howtodecorate.com

Hang multiple wreaths on the door

Generally people prefer to place a single wreath on the front door, however if you really want to make a bold statement you can go ahead with multiple wreaths.

As far as wreaths are concerned, you can create your own or buy them from the market.

Wreaths can be made from almost anything, and you can make them as stunning as you want. Give them a wintery touch by including small bare branches, pine cone and pine twigs.

Christmas Garland Around Door with Lanterns

Put gift boxes, vintage lanterns, and Christmas candles near the door

If you have generous space both on the right and left the side of your door, you can deck that beautifully with vintage lanterns, Christmas candles, and gift boxes.

As far a gift boxes are concerned, place some of them loosely on the ground and the rest you can pile up one top of another.

This will definitely give a richer appearance to your front door.

Christmas Door
photo: thistlewoodfarms.com

Use old Christmas cards, vintage ornaments, and Christmas stockings

For giving an innovative festive look to your door, try placing a number of old Christmas cards at the center of it and then hang vintage ornaments all around the cards.

In addition to that you can also hang holiday stockings on your door.

How do you like to decorate your door for Christmas?

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