6 Common Causes of Your Repeating Failure as a Blogger

6 Common Causes of Your Repeated Failure as a Blogger

Have you been reading influential bloggers for a long time? Do you think you can accomplish similar level of quality and popularity? Good for you; you should definitely start a blog! It doesn’t matter what your current occupation is; a popular blog can always enhance your business and online reputation. This activity will also make you a more attractive job candidate.

The only thing is: maintaining a blog is not that simple. It takes a lot of talent, work, and discipline to make this project successful and preserve its popularity among returning readers. Many starting bloggers have great enthusiasm in the beginning phases, but they lose their interest somewhere along the way. That’s because they are making some of the most common mistakes in blogging. Find out what those mistakes are and learn how to avoid them.

1. Too much work on a single post

Of course you want all your posts to be perfect. It’s important to make them informative, engaging, readable, and fun. However, if you notice that you’re spending an entire week to construct a single blog post, you’re doing something wrong. You’ll publish that post and then you’ll start working on a new one, but you’ll be too occupied with it so you’ll forget about the importance of promotion and connecting with the audience.

It’s important to organize your time in a way that enables you to achieve everything. Do a thorough research on the topic, write an outline and compose that post! It’s no science fiction. If you’re working on a really elaborate publication that will result with a long text, it’s best to separate it in chapters and publish it under a specific category on the blog.

2. Not connecting the posts to one another

Many bloggers forget that many visitors see their site for the first time. They will read the post they are interested in, they will leave the blog, and most of them will never come back. If you got the attention of a reader with your new post, it’s important to inform him that you have other pieces of content they could be interested in. Include the links in the post and remind everyone to search for more information at your site.

3. Not enough persistence

So you wrote a great post, you published it and now you expect your blog to become viral. That won’t happen if you don’t maintain this project regularly! There is a good chance the readers will forget you existed if you don’t keep them updated with new content.

Create a schedule and stay true to it. For example, if you promise to launch a new post on a biweekly basis, the readers that liked your previous publication will visit your blog on the scheduled date to see if you have something new to offer. Don’t disappoint them!

4. Lack of outsourcing

As your blog becomes more popular, you’ll identify the need for more frequent posts and enhanced communication with your audience. Does this mean you have to leave your regular job and commit yourself to blogging? Not necessarily!

You can outsource part of your work to professional researchers, writers, proofreaders, and editors. There are many online services that offer reliable proofreading and editing that will improve the quality of your posts and save you a lot of time.

5. Not enough promotion

Many bloggers are trying to achieve success by sharing links on their Facebook and Twitter profiles. That’s never enough. In addition to high-quality content and social media promotion, you have to do something more.

Consider paying for Facebook and Twitter ads. That’s a great way to promote your content in front of a huge audience. Guest posts are another option you have. Contact the owners of popular blogs and send a pitch for a cool article. If their audience notices your awesomeness, they will visit your site. If the content you feature on the blog is attractive enough, some of those people will certainly subscribe.

6. Lack of communication with the audience

You can be an introvert in your personal life. When it comes to blogging, you have to open up and share your opinions with the audience! Ask questions and answer the comments. They should perceive you as a real person they can communicate with. If your target readers feel they can always rely on you when they need information related to your niche, then you can call yourself a successful blogger.         

Are you ready to launch yourself into the competitive blogosphere? Avoid the mistakes described above and you’ll be one step closer to success.  

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  1. For many causes we become failure as a blogger. So i think this is very helpful tips for us to recover our failure and i this six caused should be help us to get more success in here.

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