DIY Strawberry Face Mask

Want to create a DIY face mask that is amazing for sensitive, inflamed, or rough skin?  This Strawberry Face Mask hits all of the marks for a softening facial treatment that you can make in your own kitchen.

DIY Strawberry Face Mask

You Will Need:

  • 1 handful of fresh ripe strawberries
  • 2 tablespoons full fat natural (plain) yogurt.


Using a blender or just a fork mash up your strawberries to as smooth a consistency as you can achieve (this is why a blender is handy – but not essential – I used a cup blender).

Combine your strawberry mush with yogurt and then apply a thin layer to your face for 10-15 minutes (I like to eat the leftovers because they’re so darn tasty!) before rinsing with warm water. Follow up with your usual toner and moisturiser and your skin will be baby soft!

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Why These Ingredients?

Strawberries are rich in salicylic acid, vitamin C and other essential vitamins and nutrients. Whilst Yogurt is high in lactic acid, is exceptionally softening, nourishing and great for inflamed, sensitive skin.

This mask feels very cooling on the skin and because it has a mild exfoliating effect is perfect for dull, rough or damaged skin, it’s especially useful for acne and scarring as you’re exfoliating the dead skin cells and soothing redness at the same time.

Whilst making your own face masks at home is a little more effort than just squeezing some product from a tube, you know exactly what ingredients are touching your face and how fresh they are.

It may be a little less luxurious but the results are just as fabulous and you’re probably saving a pretty penny too!


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By Annabel Pearson

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