DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

If there’s a project I like, it’s an easy one! I was looking for a smaller to medium sized tree to sit by my front steps outside, when it dawned on me. “Duh, why don’t you just make one!?”.

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So, I grabbed a couple of supplies and had a tree in just a few minutes.  This “tree” can be customized however you like and costs much less than your average store bought Christmas tree!

It’s made with a tomato cage base and faux (spruce? pine?) garland. Here’s how you can make one too:

You will need:

– A Tomato Cage ( I got mine here)
– Some duct tape or packing tape
Bendable garland (I picked up 4 packs at the dollar store!)
– Decorations of your choice

1. Start by gathering the ends of your tomato cage like this.

2. Use some tape to secure the ends. I couldn’t find duct tape so I just used packing tape.

3. Garland usually has a thick bit of wire at the ends. Use that to wrap around the ends first, and then just continue wrapping…

4. As you go, wrap single pieces of the branches around the horizontal support rings of the tomato cage. This will stop the garland from sliding down.

5. Fluff it up as you go along to shape it into a tree. You can bend the branches a little to hide any bare spots.

6. When you’re finished, add lights and decorations!

My tree is sitting outside by my front porch so I used outdoor lights and wrapped the ornaments around the branches with wire a few times so they won’t blow away. I also left a few inches of the bottom of the tomato cage exposed so I could stick it into a barrel planter I have (that is currently a snowbank).

Where would you put your home “grown” Christmas tree?!

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