How to Hit Your Blogging Stride As a Mom

How to Hit Your Blogging Stride As a Mom

Playing the role of mom in the family is always a lot. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, it can be hard to keep up with hobbies – really hard. Especially when you have more than one child and are trying to coordinate schedules – almost impossible.

A hobby I took up a few years ago was blogging. I used to be a blogger but took quite a few years break and then with having a three-year-old, I knew I had a lot of stories to tell! This seemed like a really great idea, especially since I was a full-time teacher that time going through a very competitive certification. Needless to say, life was preventing me from doing my hobby, writing and blogging. But, I made the decision that I was going to focus on it and work my way to extra income for my family while doing something I loved, writing.


Seriously, there was never any time. I should be doing laundry, playing with my daughter, doing school work, watching tv, or exercising instead of sitting in front of my computer or cell phone and blogging or posting on social media. Right?

The answer should be yes, but really, my answer is no. I found a way to include all of those things into my life and blog at the same time. It took a while to get it all working together and having my husband accept that what I was doing was useful and not just hanging out on social media. It also took some time to get into the groove of how I was going to make this work and would I have enough time in the week to follow through with all the pods that I had joined on Instagram and Facebook. Do any of these situations ring a bell with you? Are you having a hard time making time to include blogging into your life.

Here are a few tips to help you through this time and to keep doing what you love.

Create a Schedule

Scheduling your life daily can help you determine where your “Mom Time” is. With this, you will be able to determine when is a good time for you to set for working on your blog. Perhaps it’s during nap time, or in the precious moments after the kids get tucked into bed.

Designate Time Each Day For Social Media

If you are not on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to promotionyour blog, you need to be. Designating 30-45 minutes a day to engage with followers and send out your posts is totally worth it. Plus being in mom pods will help you make some really cool mom friends! My number one go to is Mom Bloggers Tribe on Facebook.

Schedule Your Posts

With the ability to write out your Instagram posts and save the draft to post it later, along with scheduling and planning blog posts ahead of time, writing content is easier than ever to do on the go. Schedule your posts for the entire week in one sitting – or even try scheduling just a few so that if something does come up, you have a post ready to go.

Take Nights Off to Spend With Your Significant Other 

Usually Friday nights are my time off from blogging. I try not to pick up my laptop unless my husband is busy too, since we definitely need some quality time after my daughter goes to sleep. 

Join Instagram Pods

Instagram pods really help you drive traffic to your Instagram. If you are an influencer, you will need these pods in order to gain engagement for your posts so make sure you are using that time every day to engage in these pods and put your own posts up. 

Bring Your Laptop With You

If you are going on a trip, or having to sit through a long presentation, bring your laptop with you. There might be some free time to blog during breaks and you’ll want to take advantage of this!

Embrace the WordPress  Mobile App

The WordPress app is definitely not the best way to blog, but you can make edits on it, comment back, and follow other readers on it. You can also start a draft on there if you are on your phone and inspiration strikes. While you will need to get to a computer to post the final post and create a featured image, you can embrace the mobile app for smaller blogging tasks.

Use Affiliate Links

There are so many websites for affiliate marketing that will help you if you are on a mission to make money. If you’re trying to prove that blogging can be an income stream for your family, this is an excellent way to start earning.

Write Down Blog Topics Ahead of Time

Being a mom, you always have something on your mind. You might come up with an idea for a topic and then forget it later that day before you had a chance to write anything. Have a notebook that you can use to write down ideas for each month of topics you want to cover.

Don’t Give Up!

Blogging is hard and gaining traffic is even harder. There are so many things to learn. It does not happen overnight or even in 6 months – it takes time. So don’t give up!

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By Jennifer O'Shea

Jennifer is a freelance writer, military wife, motherhood + lifestyles blogger, a mom to a nutty 3-year-old, and a National Board Certified Teacher. She lives in Washington State and is a born + raised New Yorker. In her spare time, she loves traveling, yoga, fitness and everything organic. Her blog is Teach.Workout.Love.

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