How To Paint Palm Leaves – Speed Painting in Acrylics

How To Paint Palm Leaves

Hey guys! It’s been a little while since I posted a painting tutorial, so I decided to do just that and paint palm leaves and banana leaves! I skipped the step-by-step walk through this time around and thought it would be interesting for you to just watch me paint for fun.

The process to create these leaves is pretty easy, and I’m confident that anyone could give it a whirl.  Just pencil in your placements, fill it in with a medium toned base green, and then add your shadows and highlights with darker and lighter tones. You’ll see what I mean as you watch the video below!

For this painting, I used a cheap canvas, random standard flat brushes from any art supply store, and the acrylic paints I will list below. I also used a blending medium to aid in slowing down the drying process so that the colours would blend nicely as I worked on the large pieces. Enjoy!!

How To Paint Palm Leaves

How To Paint Palm Leaves

Watch how I paint palm leaves below:

The products I used and recommend are below:

Winsor and Newton Acrylic Set
Sap Green
Lemon Yellow
Ivory Black
Cobalt Blue
Titanium White
16×20 Canvas (5 pack cheap ones)
Liquitex Slow Dry Blending Medium

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  1. That is so cool. I’ve heard of speed reading but this is the first time I’ve heard of speed painting. I know a friend who might like this. She’s very creative and likes to paint to. Nice, Dana!

  2. Loved this video! So inspirational! You are making me want to break out all my paint and brushes that I’ve got stored away. Thank you for sharing!

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