How to Choose Between Instagram Stories and Snapchat

How to Choose Between Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Snapchat took the world by storm when it launched in 2011, introducing a whole new way of storytelling in short snippets with a life span of 24 hours. The incredibly raw, unfiltered way of connecting with an audience resulted in the app being used for 150 million people, and that number doesn’t just include social media savvy millennials. Brands, businesses, bloggers, and social media influencers have been quick to jump on the bandwagon, utilizing the app’s features to grow their digital presence, promote their brand, and create a more personal relationship that goes beyond an edited video or crafted Instagram post.

If you were unaware, Snapchat turned down Facebook’s $3 billion offer to buy the growing social-media start up back in 2013. Facebook had acquired Instagram for $1 billion in 2012, and the phrase “if you can’t beat them, join them” seems to have become their slogan, as in August of 2016, Instagram officially launched “Stories”- a new feature almost a carbon copy of Snapchat.

Personally, as a loyal user of Snapchat, I had scoffed at Instagram’s attempts. But a few weeks later, I found myself slowly switching over to posting Instagram stories on my public account I use for my blog and YouTube channel, rather than to my public Snapchat account. Of course Snapchat is still my go-to for connecting with personal friends and family, but when it comes to Instagram Stories versus Snapchat for online social media influence, I hope this post helps you out in whether or not you decide to get on the two platforms or switch over.

Uploading From Camera Roll

Way before Instagram Stories existed and my loyalties lay solely in Snapchat, my only wish was to be able to post snaps from my camera roll. Although the purpose of Snapchat was to update friends in real time and not post dated photos, sometimes I wasn’t able to open my phone quick enough to post an event or photo that I really wanted to share. Instagram stories, however, allows you to post photos from your camera roll that have been taken within 24 hours. This is a powerful advantage, and is a great way to post photos taken from other cameras and screen grabs; helping you maximize your brand potential.

Audience Reach

Snapchat doesn’t integrate with any other app or website, meaning people who view your Snaps can only do so if they’ve added you to their friend list in the app itself. Instagram stories, however, features your followers’ stories right at the top of your followers’ home feed, guaranteeing you a further reach and more views. And with Instagram Stories’s new live feature that allows you to hold a live stream that notifies your followers, this powerful way to connect with your audience may be a big reason to switch over to Instagram Stories to connect with your audience.


One thing Instagram has yet to catch up on is Snapchat’s face recognizing ability and the ever changing filters. You’ve probably seen the one where you open your mouth and a rainbow tumbles out, spent hours using the voice changers, and had a great time watching other people’s crazy shenanigans. Snapchat’s endless geo-tags, time stamps and ability to speed up/slow down video make it just an overall more enjoyable experience, and goes beyond just being a platform to view other people’s 15 second content. If you want to switch over to Instagram Stories but still want to deliver the funny and personal enjoyment of Snapchat filters, then something many content creators have been doing are saving their Snaps in order to upload them to Instagram Stories from their camera roll. 

Of course every content creator has his/her own preference. I’d love to hear your opinions on it! Are you a die-hard Snapchat fan, or do you agree that Instagram Stories is the way to go?

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By Keliee Yu

Hello there! I’m Keliee, a part-time blogger and full time dreamer from New Orleans with a passion for beauty, fashion, and design. When I’m not offering makeup and fashion tips, lifestyle posts, and travel diaries on my blog It’s Keliee, you can find me posting colorful photos on Instagram, filming Youtube videos, and dreaming of all the places I want to travel next.


  1. When Instagram first launched their Stories I thought the same – ‘why would I need this when I have SnapChat’! But I quickly learned that sharing my stories on Instagram, a platform where I’ve already built my following, was way better than trying to get my followers to join me over on SnapChat! My Snapchat today is a great way to connect and talk with friends and family, and my Instagram is for broadcasting to my followers 🙂

    — Lisa //

  2. I was the same! When they launched Insta Stories I felt like I would never need it, and after a few weeks I only uploaded to Instagram… Now I hardly ever use Snapchat, and I sometimes feel like I could just delete the app… It feels unnecessary, I guess. Also because I hate the time it takes to check a lot of apps when you can check just one.

  3. The technology keeps on updating and also the apps are… and when some giant acquired them then most of their features will be implemented to each other. At the end of the day, it will be the user who will decide which one is the best and what best fits their needs.

    Mars Cureg of

  4. I never got into snapchat, so when instastories launched I just fell into it naturally. I just really like having everything in one place, that’s probably the biggest plus side for me. Maybe that’s lazy haha

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