Loose Peach Watercolour Tutorial

Loose Peach Watercolour Tutorial

Nothing screams “summer” like bright colours and sweet, tasty fruit.  That’s why this loose peach watercolour tutorial is the perfect project to try when you want to get into that summer vibe. 

In this real time tutorial, I’ll show you how to easily paint this delectable sweet peach using loose strokes, wet on wet techniques, and two layers of paint for a finished look.

Loose painting is a look that I personally love in watercolour. Despite the quick and sometimes rushed appearance, it actually takes some extra thought to properly portray the subject that you are painting.

You want to be extra mindful of any important areas that help the viewer recognize that subject immediately.  Leaving white areas of the paper in as highlights, for example, allow the peach in this project to appear less flat and more juicy!

Click here to watch the short video or press play below.

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