Nautical Nails and Creating Fine Details

It’s been a while since I tried out some funky nail art. I’m not sure why, but the warmer weather always makes me want to try a little harder with my nails. I decided on some nautical inspired nails this time around because I wanted something fairly easy without having to use a ton of colours. I settled on blue, white, and red.

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A little while ago, I was sent these BeMe Nail Art Pens to try out and have only now got around to using them. I normally use thin nail brushes for detail work so I was curious to see how these would measure up. I have to say, I was pretty impressed.

They come in a set of 8 colours and detach by unscrewing them in the middle if you want to use them separately. The tops of them twist off like a normal nail polish bottle and reveal your standard nail brush, but they also pull off to reveal a teeny tiny tip like this:

The bottles are plastic so you can gently squeeze the nailpolish out as you go. I found that using them worked best if you sort of dab the colour on as if you were giving your nail a tattoo. I found I had better control that way and it didn’t ruin the base colour when applying.

I did have an issue with the red fine tip as it broke right off after I tried to put the cap back on, and I was a little bummed that there was no black included, but overall I think they worked really well! No mess and no need to wash off brushes with nail polish remover afterwards.

These definitely make fine details and lines much easier and would be worth checking out if you want to recreate my nautical inspired look here! Just be careful with the fine tips!

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By Dana Fox

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