How To Personalize Your Toms Shoes

Janee is the girl who dwells over at Yellow Bird Yellow Beard, a sweet little blog that is sure to put a bit of sunshine in your step. She also owns this adorable little shop under the same name. Today, Janee is taking over my blog with an awesome tutorial that anybody can do!

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Hi Everyone! I’ve owned my navy blue Toms since 2006 when they first came out. But I’ve hardly ever worn them because I always feel so weird wearing navy blue shoes with navy blue jeans. I guess it makes me feel like I’m wearing a onesie on my bottom half only, hehehe. This last week I finally decided to add a little color to my Toms so I can start wearing them again. Perhaps you’d like to make your Toms a little extra special too?



What you will need:::


A pair of canvas shoes
Fabric paint
Q-tips {or paint brush}



I went with some pretty low key colors for my Toms because I didn’t want to constantly feel like my shoes clash with my outfit. {Actually, if we’re being honest, The Beard told me I needed to go with low key colors because he knew if I chose a bright color I’d feel like I needed to match it. At least he understands my neurosis right?} Since mine are navy blue I chose white and baby blue.


I didn’t want to completely cover any sections of my shoes and I also didn’t feel confident enough in my sketching abilities to really do anything elaborate so I decided to just go with some cute little polka dots.



For starters I took the lid off the fabric paint and dipped the Q-tip directly into the paint bottle. I discovered that the canvas absorbed more of the paint than I expected so I had to get a quite a bit of paint on the Q-tip for it to really show up well.



I began with the heel and sporadically placed dots of white paint. I skipped the middle portion of the shoe which I wanted to leave as it was and moved to the front part. It was really hard for me to place the dots randomly and not form a grid, but I think I did ok!



After I’d put as many white dots as I wanted I filled in the empty sections with baby blue dots.



At this point I thought I was finished but decided I just couldn’t live without at least a tiny pop of contrasting color. What better place than the tags? I carefully stuck a piece of masking tape behind each of the tags to keep paint off the canvas behind them.



Then I used a paint brush to give the tags a very thin layer of paint so the letters would still show through.



Ta Daa!
Now I have personalized Toms that will go with a wide variety of outfits. Just a splash of pattern and color was exactly what they needed.




I hope you have fun painting your Toms as well!


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