Why You Have To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others Right Now

Why You Have To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others Right Now

I’ve been struggling with comparison since the day I’ve started my blog. As much as I’ve enjoyed creating my online business and saw myself improving every day, there was always someone out there, in the online followers, that has better skills, makes more money or gets better engagement.

I wanted to be inspired by others, yet instead, I felt jealous and overwhelmed… Not that long ago, I realized that comparing myself to others is one of my biggest flaws and I urgently need to get rid of it if I want to continue working online. Even though it is a constant fight I have with myself- life got so much easier since admitting this.

I can finally feel liberated from my own self and if you’re a little bit like me- this post is for you. Here is why you have to stop comparing yourself to others right now:

You’re Damaging Your Full Potential

By comparing yourself to others, you’re just stopping yourself from achieving your wildest dreams. If you start everyday by admiring others instead of admiring your own work, you’re not helping yourself to stay on top of your goals and feel motivated. Obviously, you can be inspired by others, but if that comes under the price of devaluing your own strengths, you should stop right this minute.

You’re Not Seeing The Real Picture

Our generation is obsessed with what others think of us. The truth is, many of people you feel influenced by online are only showing the brightest moments of their day. If you realize this, you should understand how pointless it is to compare yourself to what is a fake demonstration of ones reality.

It’s Simply Unproductive

Seriously, instead of comparing yourself to others, you could now be spending your time creating next life-changing product. This is simple- stop wasting your time, life is short as cheesy as it might sound!

You Are Not Defining Your Own Success

Success means a lot of different things to each of us. The only way to feel truly satisfied is to be straight with yourself & determine your dreams, goals & deadlines. What might seem to work for others does not necessarily apply to your own life and that’s fine. Determine your own dream life, your own dream achievements and stick to them. Do not get distracted by other people’s successes and instead, remember when you wanted to have what you currently have.

You Need To Focus On What’s Important: YOU

If you want to break the cycle of feeling unaccomplished and unfulfilled, it’s time to start focusing on what matters: you. Stop wasting your energy on others and really learn to love yourself. If you want to admire your own life, go ahead and treat your body and mind to what it deserves. Decide to being yourself and see how that works out, it might surprise you in the best way possible!

Look, I understand, comparing yourself to others is natural. Yet, it doesn’t mean it’s valuable. We’re strong enough to control our minds and actions and I hope this post proved why you should start focussing your time and energy on something what will bring you joy and motivation in life!

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By Kotryna Bass

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