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Last year I got an email from a girl. Victoria. She had read my previous posts about anxiety and just wanted to show her support. She told me that she struggled with the same issues, and that she had written a book about her experiences. She included an excerpt…

Rejecting negativity.

The other day I mentioned that one of my goals for this year was to reject negativity from my life. This is something I’ve come to realize needs to be done, and is something that I’m going to focus on greatly.  You might think that negative things happen, and…

my deepest thoughts

 photo: lieke anna

a personal anxiety journal….

I ran out of shipping supplies and have orders waiting. The moment I realized this, my stomach began twisting itself into knots. I’ve been putting off going to the store for a week now, half purposely, half due to being busy… but the…

i will be free

Lately I’ve been trying to change my way of thinking and try to see the truth in things.  In my own personal attempt at recovery from anxiety, it’s so necessary that I change the way I think.

I’ve vaguely mentioned my struggles on my blog before but I really wanted…