TECH TUESDAY: Endless Summer Phone Wallpapers

TECH TUESDAY: Endless Summer Phone Wallpapers

“Summer is magic,” someone once said. That’s damn true, especially when the sun gets low, a gold glimpse of light covers everything and the moment feels eternally peaceful. Some call it the golden hour; what makes summer sunsets so fascinating. We’re feeling romantic today, so we hope to bring with us all year this gold glow with three shimmering mobile phone wallpapers; strokes of gold and peach that jump around and recall those lasting memories.

Wishing you WF readers the best back to school / back to work ever, that for Irene and me (Chiara writing) means we’re planning lots of crafting and DIY making: already excited!

TECH TUESDAY: Endless Summer Phone Wallpapers




Golden Flecks

Criss Cross

Magic Hour



All designs are for personal use only. Do not use for commercial purposes. Do not pass go. Just play nice.

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By Chiara & Irene

We’re Chiara Cavagion (the blondie) and Irene Fucci (the carrot head), twenty-something girls from Turin (Italy), our beloved city with its parisian atmosphere, its historical cafes, the river promenade and all its typical tiny corners. In 2013 we founded One O, our own creative space where we love to share DIY projects, cute printables and freebies, things we love, ideas to transform your home into a place completely personalised and stylish, but also beauty tips and fashion inspiration: because all things are best when diyed, right?

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