Pumpkin Patch Desktop Wallpaper

TECH TUESDAY: Pumpkin Patch Desktop Wallpaper

We’re in the heart of October, which means costume shopping, fall-themed home decor and visits to the pumpkin patch. Get your desktop in the mood of the season with this adorable pumpkin wallpaper courtesy of Cozy Reverie

TECH TUESDAY: Pumpkin Patch Desktop Wallpaper


Pumpkin Patch Desktop Wallpaper

To use:

Click on the link above for the full sized image

Right-click on the image and Set as Desktop Background


All designs are for personal use only. Do not use for commercial purposes or resale without permission from the original artist. 

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By Amy Watkins

My name is Amy Watkins, the owner of Cozy Reverie. I draw on everything! I also blog about how my art influences my personal style. I am based in Southern California and work from my coffee table! Fancy, huh?