Ways To Make Money With Your Blog

Blogging has come a long way in recent years. It’s become a pretty viable way to make some extra cash or even turn your hobby into a full time job.

Although I don’t think that you should necessarily start a blog with intentions of simply making money (although, it definitely is doable if you have the desire), there comes a point when you might start thinking about monetizing.

There are various ways to monetize your blog and grow it into a business of its own. I wanted to share a few different methods and things that I’ve personally done to branch my blog out into a business.

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Ways to make money from your blog:

Selling advertising

You can directly sell ad space to brands, businesses, and people wanting to promote their site on your own blog.

I highly suggest waiting to sell advertising until you have a steady flow of traffic. Without that, you really can’t benefit any advertisers. They are essentially buying an ad in hopes of gaining some of your traffic, so you need to make sure that you can fulfill this wish for them.

A good rule of thumb is to wait until you are receiving a few thousand pageviews per month.

Adsense ads

Adsense or Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are an easy way to start monetizing your blog. Although the earnings vary day by day and you can never really be sure of how much you will make, if you have the traffic it can be a nice way to make some extra cash.

Adsense is integrated with Blogger, however if you have a WordPress.com blog, you’ll want to upgrade to your own self hosted WordPress as the free version does not allow advertising.

Premium ad networks

These are ad networks that you apply to that have more of a premium service. They will look at your stats and numbers to decide if you’re a good fit.

They often serve ads from well known brands and offer opportunities to work with these brands through sponsorship campaigns, which you are also paid for. 

Joining a premium ad network can increase your blog revenue more than you can imagine. If you’re aiming to earn a decent chunk of cash and have the traffic to make it happen, consider joining one.

Affiliate links

You make commissions from any sales you generate from promoting a product or service using your own unique link. You can find affiliate programs on sites like ShareASale, Commission Junction, Clickbank, and more. You can also search the site of your favourite brands for an affiliate section to see if they offer a program.

You can have a lot of success with affiliate links if they are a brand or company that really meshes well with your blog’s content and audience. This is more like a partnership than a “get rich quick” scheme and you have to believe in what you are promoting (and do it often) to see much traction.

Offer products or services

Branching out into more of a business is a pretty lucrative way of earning income from your blog. It’s more long term and allows you to get creative.

If you’ve worked at becoming known for something, I think you’ll have more success than just coming out with a random product or service.

Use your skills and come up with some ideas that could help you earn a little extra income…. but make sure the idea meshes well with your blog. For example, you could offer an e-book full of interior design tips if your blog is known for having awesome home decor posts.

Be sure to watch the video for more tips and greater explanations of these options.

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By Dana Fox

Founder of the Wonder Forest blog and brand and bestselling author of the Watercolor With Me book series.