Essentials Every Blogger Should Have

There are a number of tools that I use pretty much on a daily basis, and I don’t think that I would be able to run this blog efficiently without them. Here are the things that I just couldn’t live without that have streamlined my blogging process over the years:

Notebooks – I go through these like mad. I keep a selection of lined notebooks handy and always available at my desk for jotting down quick notes and ideas. I also keep an unlined notebook for my more creative ideas that I need to sketch out, self-named “The Idea Book”.  Tip: find one that looks cute so you can keep it closed on your desk without it being an eyesore.

A daily planner – I only started using a daily planner a few months ago, but it has helped tremendously with my blogging and scheduling of daily tasks that I don’t know how I lived without one before. Tip: try to find one that has a decent amount of space to write. The one I use has a monthly calendar view as well as large daily and weekly sections.

A camera – Obviously I need my camera. I use the Canon 600D, otherwise known as the T3i with a variety of lenses. The 28mm is my favourite and works very well for most of my blog photos. Tip: a camera with a flip out rotating screen is a huge benefit!

Backup battery – There have been countless times that I’ve been right in the middle of shooting something and BAM, my battery dies. I always make sure to have a second backup battery charged and ready to go. Tip: look for one to match your camera model on eBay. There are cheaper alternatives that work the same as the original.

Tripod and remote – I use these pretty much daily, even for simple styled shots so that I can take quicker photos without worrying about shaky hands or my photos accidentally being out of focus. Tip: you can get a remote that works with most DSLRs on eBay for around $5. Also, find a tripod that allows you to tilt the camera (most should).

An external hard drive – I’m paranoid of my computer crashing and losing all of my hard work, so my external drive is like one of my prized possessions. I’m pretty sure it would be one of the things I would grab if (knock on wood) my house caught on fire. I have a program called iRep that is set to automatically create a backup of any file I create as I save it, so I don’t have to worry about copying files over or doing any syncs. You can find similar auto-syncing programs online. Tip: storage space of 500GB and over should do you just fine.

Lighting – I’ve talked about my whole camera setup and lighting before, but it has seriously changed how I take photos and I couldn’t go back to not using lighting! My ring light goes with me everywhere and was a great investment. Tip: if you buy lighting online, it doesn’t always come with a stand, so keep that in mind because you’ll need one!

Adobe Photoshop – Taking a photo is one thing, but the magic happens when you edit it. I always brighten up my photos and make small adjustments in Photoshop before it goes up on my blog. Adding graphic elements and text is all done here too. Tip: don’t skimp on your photo editing program. Photoshop is affordable now with a monthly Adobe Creative Cloud plan.

What are some of your blogging essentials?

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By Dana Fox

Founder of the Wonder Forest blog and brand and bestselling author of the Watercolor With Me book series.