Why You Should Reach Out To Other Women Entrepreneurs – ASAP!

Why You Should Reach Out To Other Women Entrepreneurs - ASAP!

I can remember the sinking feeling in my stomach. Anxiety was starting to take over and for the first time in my business…I felt hopeless. All the work that I had built was unraveling. I so desperately wanted this to work but I didn’t see how it could. Time was ticking to fix a problem I had no answers to. Then I remembered another women entrepreneur that I had met through Instagram. She might have a solution for me, I had thought.

But…I didn’t want to ask her for help. I thought it was childish and foolish. In the corporate world, we would be each other’s competition. But I had no more lifelines to grab. So I took the leap, asked her for help…and she caught me! Right in the middle of my mess, she happily offered up a solution that would redeem my mistake and keep me afloat. I was grateful and hopeful. It was a great reminder that we didn’t have to be catty or in competition, feeling jealousy over one another’s success. We could build together and push each other up so no one falls.

Why Should You Connect With Other Girl Bosses on Social Media?

Social media can be a double edged sword. One minute we’re happily in love with what someone is accomplishing, getting lost in their little pretty squares or posts and becoming the biggest fangirls. Then we feel our emotions swing and go the opposite way really fast! We start to pull back away from connecting, looking for validation in numbers and hearts on our own. Threatened by people who seem to have more than we do. Slowly picking apart all that we have made. Comparison becomes familiar and community sounds like a fairy-tale.

I’m here to remind us, myself included, that there’s room for everyone to make it. There is importance in community among the women bosses of today. Had I kept to myself without reaching out to a fellow women entrepreneur for help, I would have drowned in my business mistake. Sometimes we have to let go of preconceived ideas in order to embrace the beautiful realities. That we all have something to offer and we can learn from one another as we all grow.

Community is a sisterhood. A band of beauties from all over the world with similar fire inside. Community on social media among girl bosses is a culture mindset. It’s leaving a sweet word when someone posts a heartbreaking business confession. It’s when we see the ugly attack of trolls surrounding one of our own, we fight back. Together. Because we can’t do this alone. If we tried, we could only get so far before we would need to learn more from someone else. It’s pouring ourselves into one another so we are all filled up. Community on social media within the realm of amazing business women is not only powerful; it’s necessary for survival.

So the next time I look at another girl boss’s success and feel the emotions tearing me down, I want to remember that there’s room for her. There’s room for each of us to make it and her story should inspire me. It should keep the fire going within me. And when I have those days where I don’t feel good enough, we should be able to put fire within each other! That’s how we can make a difference in business and in life. Using social media as a way to communicate positive, uplifting voices among the roaring negative ones. Supportive fans over jealous foes. Community over competition. Holding one another up in a bright, beautiful blaze of girl boss fire!

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By Jacy Pulford

Jacy Lee Pulford is an artist and writer who specializes in uplifting messages for the modern young lady. She is a big fan of Netflix, top knots, Jesus, peanut butter ice cream & Instagram. Her perfect day would be spent with her handsome husband and two sweet boys in their New England home, surrounded by music, art supplies and snacks.

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  1. Girl yes! So sorry to hear you about that. We have to remind ourselves that we each are special. Bottom line is, just be kind to each other and help if we can 🙂

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