Blogger vs. WordPress: Which is Better? What You Need to Know!

By Dana Fox

BlogTrends on Twitter recently asked: “Blogger is free; Is being self-hosted on WordPress really worth the financial investment?”

I’ve been wanting to write a post about Blogger vs. WordPress for quite some time so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

To answer the question, it really depends. First of all, I work with both Blogger and WordPress. This blog is hosted on Blogger, and I also do websites for businesses using WordPress often. I’ve had my own self-hosted WordPress sites in the past so I’m not completely against one or the other. The thing is, however, there seems to be this idea that if you want to be taken seriously, you need a WordPress blog. This simply is not true, and I’ll tell you why sometimes WordPress isn’t a good idea for some.

Please note that in this post I am particularly talking about the self-hosted version of WordPress, not the “” shared hosting version, as that doesn’t even compare to either and offers only a fraction of the abilities.

Let’s get right to it. Blogger offers a free service that is easy to customize. All of your content is stored on the Google servers, so you don’t have to worry about hosting fees, or even bandwidth. There is a limited number of widgets you can add to your sidebar, however I don’t find that many more are usually needed anyways. You can control the layout and design through Blogger’s simple editors and see your changes in real-time through the Template Editor. The post editor also offers all of the basic functions you need to compose nice posts, as well as an HTML area for more advanced users. Photos are uploaded through Google Picasa, which again is stored on your own Google account and not on your own servers. You can easily backup your blog and content through the Settings screen.

WordPress is a more complex platform. Before you install it, you will need to search for a web host that offers the space, uptime, and bandwidth that your site needs… hopefully at a reasonable monthly cost. If you’re not familiar with web hosting, it’s pretty common that you could be overpaying for services that you don’t need, and on the flipside you could also not be paying for enough. Websites with a lot of traffic consume a greater amount of bandwidth. Bandwidth can be thought of pretty much the same way as your monthly cellular data plan. Only instead of YOU using the bandwidth  whenever you load something up, your visitors are the ones using it. So you can imagine some bloggers’ surprise if their web host suspends their site for going over the bandwidth allowance. A lot of hosts now offer unlimited bandwidth, but you do still have to follow their rules in regards to having your site on their servers.

Once you have a web host and plan picked out, you’ll need to install WordPress on your server. Some hosts offer a “one-click” method to do this, while other times you’ll have to manually create databases and upload everything yourself.  After you have configured your site, you’ll be greeted with a standard, basic WordPress template. Unfortunately, here is where it could get complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. You’ll generally need to hire somebody to create a great template for you if you’re not savvy with coding/scripting languages. And it can get a little pricey (trust me, I do this!). That is because templates on WordPress are actually hand-coded and created from scratch and contain a number of files and images which are all stored on your server. Have I lost you yet?

Moving onto creating posts in WordPress. If you have mastered creating posts, kudos to you! From a beginner’s perspective, this could take a little time and you could find yourself getting a little frustrated with formatting woes and HTML additions. Luckily, there are thousands of WordPress plugins that you can add to your blog, some of which include editor add-ons to save you the hassle of wonky posting. Speaking of plugins, like I said, there are thousands. This is one upside to WordPress that trumps Blogger. You can pretty much find anything from e-commerce plugins to galleries. The most important thing to figure out when deciding on which platform to use (in my opinion) is figuring out what you want your blog to do and if you will actually be needing any special addons.

Now let’s talk about SEO. Since Blogger is a Google product, they pretty much already have Search Engine Optimization covered. You simply click a few settings in your dashboard and Google will start crawling your site. You can always get a little more advanced and tweak your HTML a bit for optimal results if you know what you are doing. (click here to read my post about SEO Basics for Bloggers!)

WordPress on the other hand, since it’s self-hosted, needs to be “prepped” for search engines, and you might want to search for a couple SEO pack plugins to help you out.

Without making this post pages long, I’ll just say that WordPress can be a great platform if utilized properly and by somebody who has the knowledge to use it. It can take a little getting used to, but is generally easy once you get the hang of everything. I personally don’t recommend it for somebody who is just jumping into blogging without any real idea about any of these things I’ve mentioned. It does take a lot more time to customize and tweak, and if you don’t have any experience in this department and want your blog to look good, you might consider hiring an outside source. Another thing to mention (and I don’t want to scare you, but it’s important I think because I’ve had it happen to a good majority of my WordPress clients) is that you are susceptible to hackers. Unfortunately since WordPress is so commonly used and self-hosted, it’s not always as secure. There are bots that sniff out WordPress sites and attempt to crack your passwords. Certain third party plugins you add could be less secure and open up the backdoor of your site, so to speak, allowing access to change your site’s internal html/php files. It’s quite a pain in the ass to fix, so you really do have to upkeep your site… Install the latest security patches and versions each time they come out, and make sure your passwords and everything are secure. Also do regular backups.

Blogger is my top choice for blogging because of its ease and customizing abilities. It really isn’t any less feature packed than an out of the box WordPress site at all, and I think that is where some people get lost. You can completely overhaul the look of it, and style it to suit your own brand. It’s generally also cheaper to hire somebody to customize it for you. Since it is also connected with the Google network, you get additional features like Friend Connect and easy commenting abilities. You can also set up your own custom domain easily. You don’t really have to worry about the security issues like you do with WordPress, because Google has that down pretty well. You DO however have to abide by Blogger’s terms of service and if they find your blog too spammy, might delete you. I backup my blog every week or so through Blogger (Settings > Other > Export Blog) just in case something ever happens that is out of my control. It is worth mentioning that this could also happen on any platform though… Self hosted or not as you are still using a third party server.

In short, go with Blogger if you’re looking for a free, easy, customizable, no-fuss solution. Go with WordPress if you have the experience to do so and are looking for more features and want the control over your hosted files. If you start with Blogger, you can always easily move over to WordPress in the future if you choose. Ultimately the decision is yours, but take the time to research both so you know what they have to offer!

p.s. You can get the hand drawn photo overlays used in the top graphic now in my design shop!

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Dana Fox
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  • Jay

    Great post Dana!

    It certainly reaffirmed my decision to use Blogger but it's nice to hear the benefits and negatives of both sides.

  • Bree

    Awesome information, thank you. So many people that use wordpress are completely against Blogger and it gets really annoying. I follow many successful blogs (like yours) that are on Blogger, so I don't see why they are so against it.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • dana @ wonder forest

      I agree totally. Which is partly why I wanted to write this. Ultimately it's up to the blogger to decide what features they want, so I really dislike how a lot of WordPress users believe it's the only (and best) option.

    • daniela

      I spent nearly 3 hours trying to customize my blogger site tonight (that I've had for over 3 years) and nothing was cooperating. All I wanted to do was upload a custom image instead of any of the blogger things. It's still not cooperating including basic things like the layout of labels/comments/etc info about the post at the bottom. It's really frustrating and I was really hoping you'd tell me to move to WordPress immediately! I guess I'll have to spend countless hours trying to figure out how to make Blogger listen to what I want. Thanks for your insights!! :)

  • Talisa Tossell
  • #phoebe

    Great post! I really enjoy the ease of blogger. I will have to learn how to work on WordPress pretty soon with a new project I'll be working on, and I'm hoping it's not to difficult.
    hashtagphoebe on bloglovin

  • Santana Vitales

    Thank you for this! I am in my 3rd year of blogging and since I am working more with companies &taking it more seriously I have been wondering which I should do. Thank you for explain so well because now I understand the difference and bandwith. I think for me Ill stick with blogger. I like simple and I like to just post & go and easily have my pics through picasa. Iam so grateful for this post!

  • Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve.

    Thank you so much for this post!! I've seen so many posts about why WordPress is so much better than blogging. I have been using blogger for two years and I LOVE it! I know there is a chance that google could take my blog down & that would totally suck but, I love the ease of blogger. Blogging can already be hard enough I don't want some complicated site to go with it! So, Ty for this!

  • Traci

    This post is so freaking appreciated, you have no idea! I went through hell last week when everyone on blogger was wanting to jump ship to wordpress (I heard a blog got deleted?) and I was totally paranoid. But I love Blogger and while the chance of losing my blog is there, I'm not sure it's all that high outside of my own doing. And the argument that one is better never sat well for me either. Thank you for making it so much clearer!!!

  • ilene @ muchloveilly

    great post! i was just talking to someone about blogger vs wordpress and you just helped me out a ton, friend. thanks! 😉

  • Rosie W

    Phew! I was definitely feeling like only 'proper' bloggers used wordpress, but I haven't found any problems with blogger at all :) X

  • Melissa

    When I first started blogging a few years ago, everyone was jumping on to the wordpress wagon. I felt like I had to do it to get my blog taken seriously, bought a host (without really knowing what I was doing) and went the wordpress route.

    I am so happy that you look at each platform from an even base – there are a TON of merits to both – but I feel like blogger gets such a bad rep – when, especially for new bloggers, it is a really low-stress, easy to understand option! I switched about a year ago – I'm still using blogger, and totally happy.

    Great post – thanks! 😀


  • Bianca S

    This was helpful. I had a blog on WordPress (I paid for).. and it was so hard to get anything up and running like I wanted to, because well, I know nothing about HTML and all these other techy terms and things. But here I can customize everything a lot easier.
    The only down side to blogger is that, I get no traffic on my blog, granted I started it 3 weeks ago, but even on WordPress, (where I stopped posting weeks ago, I still get likes, comments and views). Here on Blogger all I seem to get is these SPAM sites looking at my blog. Do you have any tips on how to get rid of that? Or how to make my blog reach at least someone OTHER than my mom? :) Thanks! :)

    • dana @ wonder forest

      I don't think the amount of visitors you get has anything to do with which platform you are on. On any platform, you'll need to promote yourself and spread the word yourself. There is no quick and easy way to do this, and certainly your blog platform isn't going to help you. You should check out my e-book Blog Wonderful where I talk about a bunch of ways to get your site out there.

  • Gina Hatfield

    Great post Dana! I have always curious about the diferences and now I feel so informed! :)

    xx, Gina

  • Harri Wren

    that's really interesting. When I started blogging, I had a (not the same I know) but it was so difficult to customize and looked real plain (you can visit it here – but I didn't know what I could do with Blogger when I moved. I only moved because I thought more bloggers that don't pay for a domain have on the end. Then I discovered coding and all the amazing things that you can do with blogger. Now I customize other people's blogs.

  • Bethany Grow

    What perfect timing you have! I've been planning a relaunch of my blog/website and have been going back and forth about using WordPress or Blogger. Every time I try to get started with WordPress I'm astounded by how much the initial cost will be and I get scared away… So thank you for reassuring me that Blogger is okay and can be just as professional! Your advice is wonderful as always!

  • Karishma

    Recently while buying a domain for my blog, I was thinking about shifting to word-press, but decided against it finally. Very informative post. Visiting your blog and seeing your FB updates is always like a breath of fresh air.

  • Erika

    Thank you so much for making this post! I agree that there's definitely nothing wrong with either wordpress or blogger. Personally, I've tried both platforms and found that I was happier with blogger. As someone who doesn't know a lot of coding, blogger allows me to blog freely instead of worrying about coding, initial costs, and etc.

    Erika ♥ |

  • tiffany

    i really appreciate this post! a few months ago, I was debating switching to Blogger so I didn't have to renew my web hosting. ultimately, i decided to renew anyway and stick with WordPress, only because i've never coded on Blogger before and i would have needed to take a bit of time to figure the templates out, time that i didn't have at that moment. maybe in the future when i've got the time, i'll experiment on Blogger. i'm sure Blogger is A LOT simpler once i've played with it a bit.

    WordPress is really good for artist portfolios though, with the added benefit of having a blog. that's why i started using it. i think a big difference between the two is that you can make your WordPress site into a website and not ever use the blog. i feel like that's the new trend now with WordPress. people are using it to build a website whether for themselves or a company or business, instead of using it as a blog.

    • dana @ wonder forest

      Yes, true! The majority of wordpress sites I create are not blogs at all. I actually prefer to create standalone websites with it just so the client can have a way to login and edit content themselves without having to implement a whole custom content management system.

  • Kittu

    Great post, it's very good to read someone's opinion who actually knows both WordPress and Blogger.

    I'm also a blogger but stuck with WordPress – I tried Blogger a few months ago, when my website expired, but I just couldn't get used to it. :) I think it's because I started everything with WP and I'm really bad with changes, haha. But I really would prefer Blogger's dashboard.

  • Carlyn Brody

    I enjoyed reading your post Dana. When I decided to start a blog, I went with Blogger because I heard that it was the easiest for the beginners. I find it really easy to use. I've heard from lots of people that WordPress is better in some ways and maybe one day I might give it a go to see the differences.

  • Jessica

    I've had both (funny thing – I left Blogger for WordPress… and then left WordPress to be back on Blogger) and after my experiences, I truly enjoy Blogger much better and to be honest, I don't know why.. even though I've used WordPress for free, after paying for a webhost, etc. I still couldn't come to terms with using WordPress.. it was never for me. As soon as much domain expires, I'm going to purchase a domain under Google for my Blogger blog.

  • Zobia

    Great post! I was part of the chat last night and I'm glad you posted this. One question however, there has always been controversy with bloggers stating that "Google Owns Your Content". What do they mean by that? I mean google doesn't actually own your blog content do they?


    • Living the Creative Life

      Technically your content is living on their servers, but this would be true no matter what service you use. The only way to get around this would be to host your own website on your own computer, but who wants to do that? Lol.

    • dana @ wonder forest

      Exactly, this could be said for any website that is not hosted on your own privately purchased server in your own home. If you had a WordPress site, you could say the same thing, only instead "Web Host Owns Your Content". It's silly. Google owns the servers that host your stuff, they can't claim copyright ownership over your work though.

  • Kael Conciso

    Great post. This is helpful.

  • Ila

    What a fantastic is so useful and you explained very clearly the difference between the 2, which is great for me because I have just started my own blog and I was actually wondering If I took the right decision..
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Ila x

  • Rebecca Tan


    I think this is such a fantastic post! I too question so what's better? I agree I prefer Blogger- easy, simple-and free. I created a wordpress account for another blog and I just couldn't get to grips with it and the fact I had to pay for a simple template I thought was simply ridiculous! I'm glad I made the right decision sticking with trusty Blogger!!

    xx Rebecca

    • Living the Creative Life

      Actually if you're using the paid version of WP, there are hundreds of free templates. Not sure about the free version of WP, as I don't use that side of it, but you shouldn't ever have to pay for a template on WordPress.

  • Kirsten Thompson

    So glad you wrote this post! I use Blogger, and have been very happy with it for over two years. So many of my "bloggy friends" really push the move to WordPress, and every article I read about building your blog says you HAVE to be on WordPress to really be successful. I love the ease of Blogger and I've been able to customize my blog really well with no issues. WordPress seems way too complicated for me, and too many other bloggers I know had nightmares when moving their sites. Thanks so much!

  • Claudia Aguilar

    Thank you for this post. I use blogger because I really am a non computer savvy gal. I am sticking with it just so that I don't complicate my life 😉

    But I do have a question maybe you can help me with. What is a custom domain? and what is its purpose? Is it really needed?

    Thank you,


    • dana @ wonder forest

      A domain name is your own WWW address. Like instead of something like You own it and can take it with you anywhere, for example if you choose to switch platforms or hosts. I highly recommend everyone get their own custom domain name. If something happened to your site, you'd always still have your domain name that you could redirect elsewhere. Plus, it is easier for people to remember and makes you look a little more professional.

    • Claudia Aguilar

      Thank you Dana! Will do, I needed some reassurance on the topic!

  • Anne

    Great post. thanks! I'm glad I chose blogger. It is indeed easier to use for newbies like me.

    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

  • Kim Wedlock

    This was a great post. I first started out on WordPress and I almost gave up before I started, and I was only using the free version of it. It was ridiculous. I had that same notion that you had to use WordPress to be taken seriously, but honestly, it wasn't worth the hassle. I moved over to Blogger fairly quickly and I now have a couple of relatively all right looking blogs. Ish. I'm not great with design, or with HTML, but I've used tutorials and figured bits out along the way.
    I do have one question though: "You can always get a little more advanced and tweak your HTML a bit for optimal results if you know what you are doing" – do you have any pointers for this? I expect this would be another highly appreciated post for some of us bloggers. Unless it's really far too complicated.

    Kim x A Blackbird's Epiphany

    • Living the Creative Life

      Yeah I wouldn't bother with the free version of WP. I tried it once and there are SO many restrictions as to what you can do (I believe it wouldn't even let me add paragraph breaks in my posts, if I remember right). Dana was actually talking about the paid version of WP here, which is way more customizable than even Blogger, but of course costs money. It is even used by some big multi-billion companies to build their sites, if that gives you any idea as to how powerful it can be. Then again, remember that it's just a tool – if you're more comfortable just using drag-and-drop instead of coding, Blogger is probably the better way to go for you at this point.

      Anyway, to get started tweaking your Blogger's HTML, I would recommend learning about CSS and then using the Advanced section in your Template Designer to add CSS code. You can actually change quite a lot about your stie by targeting different aspects of it with CSS. I've gotten some great tips for starting out with coding CSS over at this site:

  • Liz Luscomb

    Thanks for this! I've been on the fence about leaving Blogger, however, I was looking into TypePad. Are you familiar with that?

    • dana @ wonder forest

      I've actually never tried it, so I can't really comment on it!

    • Living the Creative Life

      I think I remember trying it once, but found it didn't have as many options for customization. I've also tried Tumblr and found the same issues. For a free site, Blogger is hands-down the best for letting you do site customization.

  • Sarah

    I was just actually trying to decide whether to use blogger or wordpress. I'm glad I logged on today!


  • Logan Maack

    Thanks so much for this! I was wondering what the difference was! this really helped<3

  • Kailan Marie

    I was reading a blog post the other day on this very same topic from someone who was a WordPress user. They made it sound like it was so much easier to use and had so much more to offer than Blogger. To be honest, after reading, I was reconsidering my use of Blogger over WordPress because the way the blogger had worded everything, made it seem like using WordPress would help you to have more blog success.
    And being someone who has been blogging for a couple years now and feels like their blog may have fallen under the radar and cannot get passed a 400- something blog follower plateau that has been stuck for over a year [and is completely discouraged with their blogging future], I thought that switching over might help me more.

    However, I'm so glad I read your post on this topic because now I know that blogger is a much better choice for me! Seems like a lot of work [and money] to be dishing out when Blogger is so easy and free!
    It's safe to say I'm pro Blogger, for sure!

    xx Kailan Marie | Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    • Living the Creative Life

      Keep in mind that Blogger doesn't advertise for you and neither does WP. Choice of hosting platform won't make a bit of difference in gaining traffic, since marketing your site will be the same no matter whether you're on Blogger or WordPress – you still need to get out there and Tweet, Pin stuff, speak up on other blogs, etc. to drawn in new readers. I'd say just choose the platform that does what you need it to do and then market the crap out of your site.

  • Rebecca D. Dillon

    I recently switched from blogger to wordpress and I wish I had done it a long time ago as the transition would have been easier for me. If you have the resources and plan to blog for – well, forever – starting with wordpress could be the best route as ultimately, blogger limits your storage space of photos/images and you eventually run out. Plus with wordpress, you can also upload and store pdf and other files that blogger doesn't allow you to.

    • dana @ wonder forest

      About the storage space on blogger, this is true but isn't at the same time. Yes you have a limit (5GB storage space) BUT that is only if your content like images and videos fall outside of the already generous size limits. "Photos up to 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes won't count towards your free storage." Anything below those sizes do not even count towards your storage at all, so the average blogger user doesn't even have to worry about it. If you're posting photos that large, those are HUGE images and you really shouldn't be doing that anyways if you want your site to load up quickly. My storage space in blogger after about 600 photo filled posts is zero. Meaning all of the stuff ive uploaded doesnt even count towards my storage used. So you really won't run out, and if you ARE posting ginormous images you can buy more space at like $2 a month. Much less than a hosting account. Also you can host PDFs and whatever other files you need to through free places like if you really need to. Hope that cleared up that!

    • dana @ wonder forest

      Also on WordPress, every single thing you do and upload counts towards your storage limits (which do exist since your hosting plan has set storage limits) and eats up your resources. So when you think about it, WordPress is actually worse in this department.

  • Living the Creative Life

    Yup I'd have to agree. I have my blog on Blogger and my portfolio on WP. I took a class on WP so understand it enough to be dangerous, but it really threw a lot of my classmates for a loop since many of them had absolutely no coding experience. I'd say if you're somewhat comfortable with coding and don't mind installing things and tweaking CSS, WP is a great alternative (especially if you're trying to set up a shop or portfolio site). Until then… Blogger is the way to go for most average bloggers.


    Really I like blogger and using it from 2 years. East or west blogger is best. Ultimate Tech Geek

  • Meredith

    Thank you so much for this post, Dana! I started a blog a couple of weeks ago on Blogger and absolutely love the platform. I've been reading many articles about how WordPress is better, however, and I feel pressured to make the switch. Unfortunately, I absolutely hate the WordPress platform. Even as someone who is familiar with HTML and CSS, the format drives me crazy and seems much more limited than Blogger. It's so refreshing to see an article that votes for Blogger instead of WordPress!

  • neod0g

    Really nice post I agree with you.

  • Jana Miller @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

    Love blogger too and I have tried wordpress. Blogger has made so many improvements over the last 5 years :)

  • fasi

    Thanks for nice info i was too tempted to shift to wordpress but after reading ur blog i will stick to blogger, thanks again for info, cheers

  • Deby Coles

    I was a big fan of Blogger – right up until the point I woke up one morning to find an email telling me my blog had been deleted for spam. What! I didn't have a mailing list, never sent any emails, and the content was all original and written by me, using my photos etc. There is no one to call, or write to at Google. There is an appeal form but I never heard back. My site and all of its content was gone for good. Overnight. With no explanation or reason and no way to get it back. For this reason alone, I would never use Blogger again. The content belongs to Google not to you and they can remove it whenever they see fit. Years of blogging gone. Never again Blogger.

    • dana @ wonder forest

      I always encourage people to backup their blogs often like I explained above for these kinds of reasons. Google does not own your content. They own their servers and can do what they like with them, the exact same way a web host can. There's no 100% guarantee on any platform that your blog will never be deleted, which is why you need to always take security measures on either site and back up your blog often. I'm sorry that happened to you though. :(

  • lellemoda

    I've been trying to set up my blog on WP for a month. Taking into account that I am not a techie and definitely not a spring chicken any more, you can imagine how difficult that was.
    Sometimes I wonder why those blog platforms forgot about us, the so- called baby boomers? Aint'we people any more?
    In short, after a month I started hating the WP. Pics don't align, Back button is non-existent, to jump from page to page is a headache.
    I am off to search for something more streamlined and preferably less elitist.
    Blogger is the next stop.

  • Natalia Lynn

    This is fantastic. I moved to WP last year because I thought it was the necessary thing to do to be taken seriously. I was paying $30 a month until my pageviews went up. Then it was $97 a month and now they're telling me I need the plan higher than that at $150 a month!! Such a bummer! Just because of this I have been thinking about switching back to Blogger.

    Quick question – like the lady mentioned above with her blog being deleted – this could happen on any host? They could delete your blog because of spam?

  • Zippyzerah

    I had a WordPress blog before Blogger and I am yet to find out which one is better! They both seem similar to me, but I have noticed it is easier to search for other WordPress blogs than to find other blogs on Blogger if your'e just getting started.

  • Anthony Dameika

    Great post. I'm using Blogger now and I began to wonder if I should be using WordPress instead. Also great advice on backing up your blogs as I did not think about that.

  • my kami

    I love blogger more than wordpress overall nice and helpful article very informative.Thanks for sharing...

  • Sasha Shapiro

    This is probably one of the only post on the web favoring Blogger over WordPress.

    I myself have a blogger blog ( not very successful, and i was thinking about moving to WordPress because everybody say that WordPress blogs are better (get indexed better, more traffic) than Blogger,thinking about the hosting payments is a pain.
    The main question is: Does a blogger blog gets a better ranking in google search engines? in order to get more people to visit your blog or its the same?


      The platform you use doesn't have anything to do with your ranking in search engines. Your ranking is entirely determined on your content. i.e…. make great content that benefits others, as well as any SEO you do yourself. Being that Blogger is a Google company, it is easier to get indexed on Google, but that doesn't mean your ranking will be any better.

    • Sasha Shapiro

      I agree with what you say: Content is king and blogger being a Google tool should have an advantage. im just trying to see if there is a way i can get a better search engines position.

      One more question :)
      Blogger platform users use free hosting and WordPress users pay for their hosting, Does that fact hurt the blogs that use Blogger?
      Everywhere i look, practically everybody say that when you pay for you hosting (average to good host) your site is performing a lot better and im not talking about the load speed and stuff like that. People say that search engines take the payed hosts a lot more serious than the free ones, and that is why the payed hosts get better ranking in the search engines. Is that a myth or is there something true about this theory?


      I haven't heard this before but at first reaction I'd say it was a myth. I don't see how a web host could get you a better ranking in search engines. The provider or platform you use doesn't have anything to do with how well you rank. I use Blogger and have plenty of first page ranking posts, like this one ;). With a paid host, you will have to do all of the SEO work yourself anyways. You should check out my other post SEO Basics for Bloggers.

    • Sasha Shapiro

      Its a nice post (read dozen like it), you got some good points, the tricky part is Implementing it correctly. That's probably my weak spot.

      Thanks for the tips (if its not too hard can you take a look at my blog and see what am i doing wrong blog –

  • Cinnamonbite

    Yeah, I'm on blogger now, not thrilled with it. I think Live Journal is easier to use in some ways. I don't think I'm ready for wordpress though. I dunno.

  • pinky das

    Well, I was worried about space and WordPress limits their free option to 3 GB … The writing settings allow you to choose the default post category, posting format … The main option you need to look at is comment moderation.wordpress

  • Pete Nisbet

    For me WordpPess wins in all departments. I think there is a lot of confusion in these comments between the free and the self-hosted with all its wonderful plugins, themes and SEO tools. I have used both, and for me it is no contest – why allow capricious Google to own your blog when you can own it yourself for free if you already have a web host? Many hosting services offer unlimited storage, bandwidth and domains.

    Re creating posts; there is no issue with this at all. I can't see the point being made here. You don't have to understand HTML or CSS to make good-looking posts on WordPress.

  • Michael Levine

    ok, here are some questions to all you blogger lovers:
    1. how do you add category on blogger????
    2. how do you add different and much more nicer looking mosaic galaries on blogger???
    3. where can I find image library on blogger?

    all this done on wordpress very easily and YOU DON"T NEED to know html.

  • Aaron Olson

    Thank u!

  • less is loads by Dana GG

    Hiya! My name is Dana too haha and I'm praying to God you will be the one that helps me!
    So, here's the deal. I made a blog on the Blogger platform just a few days ago. I read your post about setting up a custom domain in Blogger and finished that process. I haven't launched my blog yet because it isn't ready. Actually, I have no post yet, I was only customizing it but am not satisfied because the lack of I am a beginner, but I really want my blog to be as professional as it can right from the start, my friend has major issues with Blogger locking her blog for NO REASON AT ALL so I decided I want to switch to WordPress. I know it's harder, but I'm a fast learner. How do I do this? I have registered a domain at, and I guess I can't make a WordPress with the same url as my Blogger is/was because it's busy now. What do I do?

    Thank you in advance,

    Dana GG


      All you would need to do is change the DNS info for your domain name to the new server where your WordPress blog will be hosted. Your web host will have this information!!

  • Randell Monaghan

    Love this post, +1. I've used both wordpress and blogger, right now im using blogger for my main blog cause it's just so simple to use and i love the 99.99% uptime.

    There are some downsides to blogger if you enjoy coding in php, it's harder to have demos of scripts on your domain forcing you to buy a second domain and hosting just for demos of your scripts and templates. Doing this is kinda bad IMO cause the domain is different and confuses people, but that aside Blogger is the clear winner.

    free hosting, practically unhackable, easy to use, and if you can code there are many extra features you can add written in javascript or jquery.

    Blogger also allows you to add your own gadgets, so again if you can code thats super handy too.

    Blogger offers so much for free it's hands down the best choice.

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  • alice_gold

    +1 vote for WordPress solution.
    However, I guess the final decision’s going to come down to personal preferences and which tasks seem more menial to you. I consider WordPress definitely to be the most unbeatable platform as compared to all the others. A year ago started to blog with Blogger and didn’t expect it to engross me so much. Presently I try to do my blogging more seriously with WordPress, which indeed is more professional. By the way, I managed to convert to it without any scripts which are a real nightmare for me following this tut Hope, it will help somebody. Regards…

    • Chrystal M.

      I have sites hosted on both. I also know ‘professional’ bloggers who use both. I know bloggers who make millions on Blogger. I also know some who use WP. At the end of the day its a personal preference and what you want to accomplish with your blog.

  • Harvey Malley

    Whenever it comes to choosing between Blogger and WordPress, I choose WordPress. There is no doubt that Blogger is a great one too but I am literally biased towards WordPress. I have couple of blog on the same and planning to launch the third one very soon. I have seen some great free templates at If you know other cool places like this, feel free to share.

  • sfdafsa


  • Harry James

    yes you are right ‘Harvey Malley’ and i think more and more people like WordPress and up-course Blogger also a great platform. but i personally using WordPress and also WordPress hosting from Dollarwp, thanks for share.

  • Nataliya Bogdanets

    For those willing to blog seriously and have a complete control over their content – WP is a perfect fit. I’d suggest using this plugin It is quite cheap and simple.

  • Laura Nana

    This is great, thank you so much for sharing this information, its super useful for a newbie like me!

  • Vina syah

    Thank you Dana. Literally, I never know how to back up my blog, and thanks for sharing.

  • Mohamed Shiyas

    Interesting article about top web development technologies.

  • Krystal Clark

    So if I have a blog on blogger and decide to switch it to later do I still have to keep the blogger in order to route the blog to wordpress now? I’m just confused that if I start with blogger, move to wpress and have to keep the blogger one, google could still decide to shut it down on blogger. Would this affect my blog? I mean what happens to the blogger blog after you are done. Do you essentially have to keep in order to now run your blog on

    • Chrystal M.

      You don’t. You will get your WP site set up with hosting, a database to install WP and you’ll need to remove the forwarding of your domain, assuming you are forwarding it to Blogger. There is a plugin for WordPress which will import your Blogger blog. Once uploaded, you are good to go. You can go in to Blogger and keep your blog and just unlist it, or you can delete it. I always just unlist mine in case for some reason I need to go back to Blogger.

  • Alastair Carter

    Both are Better, as both of them have very useful and good features which helps in optimization. Nice Article, thank for sharing with us.

  • zain ul abdin

    Thanks it gives me much information about the blogging. Do you write anything accordingly web hosting? or Hosting servers?

  • Anamika A

    Can I operate a blog with the same name having the same posts in both Blogger & word press sites parallely?? will it be safe in the long run? say problems like google content and image copy right, other troubles!! will I violate their any rule in this way? please guide me.. thank you.

  • Ahsan Habib

    Thanks so much for
    the helpful info! I’ll be sure to try some of that out on my own blog
    at wordpress. :)

  • Divona P

    Hello. I am so confused now. I started my blog on wordpress and bought the domain. So, is my blog not hosted? Because I did not go through any of those listed steps. Should i go to blogger? Can I take the domain name that I bought? Thanks!!

  • Arjun Rishi

    Its really hard to say which is better? Whether Blogger or WordPress?. So in my opinion, both are good.

  • Michele Clark

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I went with Blogger. I did spend two days on WordPress (free) and did not like it. I have helped friends get started with Blogger and love it. Almost everything out there says go with WordPress, as you know. I was super excited to see your thoughts. After I did a little of my own playing, I am definitely a Blogger girl. I have read through many of your posts. You have been a huge blessing. I’m super happy with my decision. Thank you!