Skeleton / Skull Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

By Dana Fox

I couldn’t let Halloween pass without doing a spooky makeup look! If fairies and foxes aren’t your thing, try this darker costume idea! All it takes is some black and white makeup. I used a combination of face paint and everyday makeup to get the look just right, and created this video showing you exactly how I did it… I hope you like it!

Here’s a tip for when using black face paint or eyeliner: finish it with black eyeshadow on top so it stays put. The video cut out at the end, but once I was finished I went over the black of my eyes with black eyeshadow to eliminate creases and then applied black eyeliner on my waterline.




I hope you enjoyed this one! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see more! Do you like the cutesy looks or the spooky looks best?

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Dana Fox
Dana Fox
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