Fox Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

Fox Makeup for Halloween Costume

Can you guess what I am dressing up as for Halloween this year!? I had a lot of fun putting this fox makeup look together and created a tutorial in case you wanted to try it out too!

This Halloween fox makeup tutorial was created using basic makeup from my collection and some white face paint. 

I do have an actual fox costume on order, but it hasn’t yet arrived so I whipped up some felt ears  and attached them to a headband to finish off this look. Here is how I did it:


Halloween Fox Makeup Tutorial:

Follow the step-by step tutorial below to complete this look, or watch the video above!

1. Start by applying your regular foundation all over your face as a base. This should help the makeup stay put longer and even out your skin tone beforehand.

Halloween fox makeup tutorial

2. Using a white face paint, apply it using a makeup sponge to the bottom half of your face. Follow the shape of your cheekbones to create that fox-like face shape.

3. Now grab a darker shade of foundation and apply it to the top half of your face.

Fox Makeup How To

4. Using a fluffy brush and either some orange toned eye shadow or a bronzer, apply this on top of the darker foundation to set it.

5. Apply a second layer of white face paint to the lower half of your face.

how To Fox Makeup

6. Using a smaller brush and brown eye shadow, shape the nose, starting at the brow and dragging a line down and towards your nostril.

7. Using the same brush and eye shadow, apply it underneath your eyes and on the lid and blend out.

Fox Halloween Makeup

8. A fox makeup look isn’t complete without dark eyes!  Using an eye shadow brush and black eye shadow, apply the colour to the lid of your eye and then blend it out to get rid of any harsh lines.

9. Use a thinner brush and drag the corners of the eyes out and down near your tear duct. Blend out the edges of that eyeshadow some more!

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

10. Use a white eyeliner and apply it to the lower waterline of your eyes to make them appear larger.

11. Using a small brush, apply black eye shadow to the lower lash line as well and blend out with a larger brush.

Fox makeup

12. Keep blending to achieve a soft smoky eye look!

13. Using a very fine brush and brown eye shadow, draw on long, wispy hairs on your eyebrows to make them look extra fluffy!

Fox makeup tutorial

14. Using a black eye liner crayon, draw on the nose of the fox!

15. With the same crayon, draw a line from the nose to the mouth, then line the upper lip, extending the corners outwards and up (like a grin!)

fox makeup

15. With a smaller eye liner pencil, dot on some little freckles.

16. Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

halloween makeup step by step fox

17. Apply the dark foundation to your neck, leaving the center area white. This will help complete the fox makeup look!

18. Add false lashes and line your inner eyes with black liquid liner.

Halloween Fox Makeup

19. You’re done! I hope this halloween makeup tutorial gave you a little inspiration for your fox costume this year!

Fox Makeup for Halloween Costume

Fox Makeup for Halloween Costume

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 What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year? Or is Halloween not your “thing”?

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