20 Creative and Easy Drawing Ideas for Christmas

The festive season is almost here and it’s the perfect time to get into your arts and crafts. Whether you’re a complete novice at drawing or an absolute pro, let’s dive straight into some creative (and festive) drawing ideas that you can easily draw without any fancy equipment!

Imagine these on the front of your Christmas cards and gift wrap or a way to spruce up your notes or even as a part of your festive decor!

Christmas Trees

Source: @chalucapalette 

Even if you’re a complete novice at drawing, these abstract Christmas trees made of squiggles, lines and swirls are easy and effective to recreate. Make sure you keep the triangular shape of the tree and add a small line to represent the tree trunk and go wild with your design!

Holly Doodle

Source: Shihori Obata

Deck the halls with boughs of holly! A sprig of holly just screams Christmas – a simple combination of berries made of three small circles and two sharp leaves in your iconic red and green colours and you’ve got yourself an easy drawing that would look good as an accent on Christmas tags or as a cute notebook doodle.

Christmas Wreath

Source: Johanna Basford 

So you’ve got the holly mastered now? Add a few more leaves on and draw them in a circular shape to make an intricate looking wreath! Top it off with a big ribbon to create a focal point and you’ve got yourself a christmas wreath.

Candy Cane

Source: Hello Artsy

Another simple yet recognisable motif is the candy cane. Sketch out a straight edge with a curved end and fill in with the classic red and white stripes for a simple shape but why not add an extra flourish by including a bow and some shadows!

Minimal Reindeer

Source: @siebterseptember0 

Sometimes, stripping your art to the basics can look effective and is super efficient to create. Animals are notoriously difficult to draw but don’t let that stop you – take a look at this abstract and minimal reindeer made up of just eyes, antlers and of course, a big red nose!

Christmas Baubles

Source: Amanda Rach Lee

Baubles are such an easy way to be creative as they can take on any shape and size. We’re loving these classic curvy shapes drawn and coloured with different styles. Go simple with a monoline bauble or sketchy roughly and fill with watercolours or even draw abstract shapes in the form of a Christmas bauble!


Source: @_doodle_me_this_ 

Snowflakes are so easy to draw for children and adults alike but can look so intricate and detailed. The easiest way to begin is with three lines in the shape of a star and to experiment from there but the trick is to repeat your patterns and keep them symmetrical .

Festive Florals

Source: @miss.meissa

Florals are my go-to doodle all year around because they take on organic shapes and never look identical. These festive florals are perfect for this time of year. Once you’ve mastered them, why not combine them all together to curate a beautiful bouquet of Christmas florals.

Snow Globe

Source: Tinker Lab 

When you first hear ‘snow globe’, you immediately think of detail and shadow and movement but let’s take this back to basics with a simple monoline doodle. Create a base, add on a circular globe and be creative with what you add in the centre of your snow globe. Here, Rachelle, has added a snowman in one and a snowy house in another!


Source: Masha Plans 

Christmas presents are an easy go-to when it comes to drawing in the festive season. Let’s get creative with the style of the wrapping paper – go for waves or stripes or polka dots or even plaid! We’re loving the addition of the gift tags which you could customise with your best friend’s names.

Santa’s Sleigh

Source: @appy.doodles

Let’s take our skills up a notch and draw Santa’s sleigh! The end result looks so impressive but the step-by-step instructions are actually very simple. Once you’re done – fill your sleigh with presents or even try your hand at drawing Santa himself!

Snowy North Pole Sign

Source: Colour Made Happy 

Create a snowy scene with this snow-topped North Pole sign. We love the nod to the candy cane colours here and the golden yellow sign post. These would look great on Christmas cards to address your loved one by simply replacing ‘North Pole’ with your friends and family!

Gingerbread Cookies

Source: @seed_successful_you 

Gingerbread is iconic for its burnt brown cookie colour topped with bright white icing details. As long as you have these two colours in your design, the possibilities are limitless. Go for the classic shapes like a gingerbread man or a gingerbread house or even make a gingerbread tree!

Christmas Stockings

Source: Emily Drawing 

Christmas stockings are always so fun to draw! Not only can you experiment with your stocking design but you can fill your stocking so it’s bursting full of festive goodies. This one from Emily takes you through a step by step tutorial of how to draw the basic shape of a stocking all the way to filling it with holly and gifts.

Holiday Gnome

Source: @julia.pezowicz 

If you’re like me and can’t draw faces very well, this Christmas gnome is a fun alternative to drawing Santa Claus. These classic colours work great with the drawing but this allows you to be as creative as you want with their clothes and hat!

Jingle Bells

Source: @splendidscribbles 

If Christmas isn’t the time to draw bells, then when is? I can almost hear the chimes of two bells clanging together already – once you’ve sketched out the basic shape of one or two bells together, dress them up with bows and holly to add that extra Christmas touch to it.


Source: @_world_of_art_and_craft_ 

Take a look at the quick and easy snowman drawing! The thick monoline outline adds a vibrant and graphic feel to this drawing paired with the cute and dainty expression lines. I love the addition of a festive hat and rosy cheeks here to create personality!


Source: Shihori Obata

If you’re craving a cosy Christmas, this festive candle by Shihori is super easy to draw. It’s simply made up of a series of semi circles connected together to create a base and pillar candle with a bright flame shape on top!. Make your drawing more complex by adding some dripping wax, a sprig of holly and a handle.

Winter Doodles

Source: @cozydaydreams

Christmas is the time of all things cosy so if you’re after a quick doodle of some winter faves, look no further. Hot chocolate? Yes please! No winter is complete without cute little mittens and a bobble hat and we’ll warm ourselves up with the heat of a trio of candles and a homely fireplace! The small format of these drawings mean they look great without much detail added too!

Festive Alphabet

Source: @_lamorradelosplumones  

If you’re up for the challenge, why not create the alphabet using iconic Christmas doodles? With everything from a Christmas tree to a reindeer and everything in between, level up your basic block letters with a festive twist! These would look great on the front of a Christmas card spelling out the names of your recipient! 

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