The Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Women Under $10

Let’s face it–it can be tough to find gifts for the women in our lives during the holiday season. Oftentimes it’s moms, grandmas, or wives who are the ones with the responsibility of buying gifts for others, and they themselves often end up receiving fewer gifts on Christmas morning.

It can be tough to intuit what they need or want themselves! You might also need to buy small gifts for sisters, friends, teen daughters or nieces… the list goes on.

Add in the regular stress of getting ready for Christmas, and this can make Christmas shopping a more of a chore rather than a fun, Christmassy experience.

We are here to help you out! These brilliant ideas and unique gifts make for the best stocking stuffers for women, no matter their interests! They will surprise and delight on Christmas day. Best of all, they are all under $10.

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For the Book Lover

Book lovers don’t just love receiving books, they also love all sorts of book related memorabilia! Help her stock up this Christmas on fun bookish stuff so she can declare her love of books everywhere.

Library Stamp

Source: Amazon

A customized stamp is a unique gift for your favorite bibliophile. She will love personalizing each of her favorite books with a cute stamp, declaring it “from the library of.”

Personalized Embroidered Bookmark

Photo By: Framed Canvas Painting

A customized embroidered bookmark is both useful and pretty and makes a great gift. The embroidered monogram makes it feel very personal, and you can even buy a design for each different season. Customized gifts are the way to go!

Book Themed Candle

Source: Amazon

Is she staunchly loyal to physical books because of the smell? Or does she walk into a bookstore, breathe deeply, and announce she’s found her happy place? Then a New Book Smell candle is the ultimate gift for her.

For the Foodie

Whether she likes cooking, baking, or just enjoying great food, you know edible gifts are always useful and will never go to waste! She will love being treated to something special that she wouldn’t normally buy for herself. Here are some ideas to help fill those Christmas stockings with goodies!

Baking Supplies

Photo By: Sugar Rush Emporium

The girl who goes all out baking Christmas cookies will always appreciate more baking supplies! These merry personalized spatulas would do the trick. Pair with a cute oven mitt or dish towel, a fancy sprinkle mix, or a good quality vanilla extract to finish out the baking theme.

Gourmet Jam or Honey

Photo By: Prickly Pillowcases

Sometimes the best stocking stuffer ideas are the most simple! Treat her to a seasonal jam, gourmet hot honey, salsa, or maple syrup from a local farmer’s market (or a cottage food business that ships). You can find fancy hot fudge or caramel sauces at specialty kitchen stores, if she’s more into sweet treats than savory!

Mini Waffle Maker

Photo By: Target

I have heard gushing reviews about these mini waffle makers! Waffles make everyday breakfast into an event, and these adorable, retro-styled mini makers are a convenient way to have them a little more often.

For the Practical Girl

If she’s the kind of person who will say she doesn’t want anything, you can still make her day by thinking of something she needs… and doesn’t know it! These genius items will make her everyday life a little bit easier.

Phone Pocket

handmade phone pocket
Photo By: Two Cherish Co

A wallet pocket that can stick onto a phone case (or car visor) is a convenient gift she will love. Once she gets used to carrying around all her essentials in one easy pouch, she’ll never go back!

Silk Stash Scrunchie

Photo By: Pickle Parlour

We all know women can never have enough pockets, but who knew pocket hair ties were a thing? They are easy for work, the gym, concerts…anywhere she doesn’t want to carry a wallet or purse! This version is also silk, which is better for healthy hair.

Lip Balms

Source: Amazon

A practical girl always carries lip balm wherever she goes because she knows how important it is to moisturize those lips, especially in the winter time! This set is under $10 for a 6 pack and works for any family member, friend, or co-worker! They’re the perfect size to fit into a stocking or tape to a gift.

Winter Gear

Source: Amazon

Doesn’t it feel like every year when winter rolls around, you realize you are short of some winter item, whether it be a hat, gloves, or boots? If she loves practical (and stylish!) gifts, she will love a cozy new winter beanie or gloves.

For The Cozy Girl

We ALL like to spend the season cozied up with a hot beverage, under a warm blanket, watching Christmas movies! I love giving gifts that provide the cozy experience of the season, because you know the recipient will continue to enjoy it all winter long.

Hot Cocoa

Photo By: World Market 

If she’s a chocolate lover, pair a gourmet hot cocoa mix with a festive mug. You can never have too many mugs! (You could also switch out the cocoa for her favorite coffee or tea.)

Cozy Blanket

Photo By: Target

Every girl should have a Christmas movie watching blanket. A fuzzy fleece blanket with a bright colored Christmas motif is just what she needs for curling up on the couch, watching repeated viewings of Elf and drinking hot cocoa!


Photo By: Francescas

Candles are a one-size-fits-all gift, but with good reason! Chances are, if she’s a girl, she won’t hate it! We all love them for the coziness and ambience they give. Looking for smaller candles will help you stay on a budget.

Cozy Socks

Photo By: The Sock Shop Company

We all have to wear socks, so they might as well be fun ones! Slipping on a pair of warm, bright colored socks on a cold day is an instant mood boost for dreary winter days. They make for the perfect stocking stuffer for any woman in your life.

Self Care Gifts

We all need to take care of ourselves before we can help others, but for some women it can be hard to take the time to do that! Treat her to these self-care gifts to help her rejuvenate. Self care items can make the best gifts!

Lip Mask

Photo By: Target

Heading into the cold winter months, chapped lips can be a constant annoyance. Treat her to an exfoliating lip mask to help to remove dry skin and prevent chapped lips. You can also go one step farther and grab some face masks too!

Sugar Scrub

Photo By: Target

This budget friendly body scrub is so soft and smells amazing! A DIY sugar scrub would also  work. You could add a travel-size lotion for her to keep in her purse or backpack, and she’s all set for winter skin woes!

Satin Pillowcases

Photo By: Walmart

Satin pillowcases are a must-have item for Christmas this year and make great stocking stuffers. They are better for your skin and hair. For your skin, satin pillowcases cause less irritation, dehydration, and oil buildup; for your hair, a satin pillowcase can prevent breakage and frizz.

Gift Cards

Photo By: Caribou Coffee

If all else fails, go with the ultimate perfect gift: a gift card! A lot of women won’t spend money on themselves, but when you give her a gift card, you give her permission! You can buy her a fancy coffee she might not normally splurge on, get her started on her next Amazon haul, or give her an excuse to go to her happy place and buy her favorite brand, whether that’s at Sephora, Target, or Hobby Lobby. Best of all, these can carry through into the new year.

There you have it! You are all set to create some beautiful stockings to bless your mom, sister, girlfriend, wife, or friends! 

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