19 Easy Holiday Card Watercolour Tutorials

It’s been feeling a lot like Christmas over on the Wonder Forest YouTube channel lately.  The Holiday Card series will teach you how to create lovely, unique cards that you can send to your family and friends this season.

Each card is perfect for both beginner and advanced watercolour artists and allow you to add your own special touch.  Give them a shot and if you recreate one, be sure to tag @wonderforest on Instagram so I can see!

1. Floral Holiday Wreath Watercolour Tutorial

The first video of the series will show you how to create this lovely floral wreath in holiday themed colours. Watch it here!

2. Minimal Illustrated Trees Watercolour Tutorial

This one is perfect for beginners and also a great project to do with children!  The trees can be decorated however you like and only a few supplies are needed. Watch it here!

3. Floral Antlers Watercolour Tutorial

The third tutorial includes a printable sketch of these antlers in case you’re not so great with free-handing! You can add your own custom message as well. Watch it here!

4. Winter Snowy Tree Scene Watercolour Tutorial

For those with a little more patience, the fourth tutorial will teach you some Wet on Wet techniques while you paint a snowy scene! Watch it here!

5. Golden Berries Watercolour Card Tutorial

Using a super gorgeous gold watercolour paint and a bit of handlettering, this card simply SHINES! Watch it here!

6. Holiday Foliage Watercolour Christmas Card

This tutorial shows you how to create this wispy Christmas inspired foliage with berries and leaves. A masked area allows for a simple handwritten greeting on the front. Watch it here!

7. Snowy Mountains Watercolour Card

A fun and illustrative winter holiday card that anyone can create! This is a simple tutorial that uses wet on wet techniques to create snow and mountains. Watch it here!

8. Vintage Ornaments Watercolour Cards

How To Paint Watercolour Ornaments

This is probably one of my favourite cards I’ve created because it has hints of nostalgia. These vintage ornaments and subdued colour palette are super fun to create and decorate with paint pens afterwards. Watch it here!

9. Watercolour Mistletoe Card Tutorial

Watercolour Mistletoe Tutorial

This easy and beginner friendly watercolor tutorial will show you how to create a spring of mistletoe using an ink and wash technique. Watch it here!

10. Winter Cabin Watercolor Tutorial

Winter Landscape Watercolour Painting

This painting can either be a made into a card or hung up on the wall all season long. Learn how to create this gorgeous winter cabin and evergreen trees in this painting tutorial. Watch it here!

11. Starry Hannukah Galaxy Watercolor Card

Hannukah Star Card Tutorial

If you celebrate Hannukah, this tutorial is for you! This star is filled with a galaxy and uses masking tape with wet on wet colour blends for the full effect. Watch it here!

11. Chilly Penguins Holiday Card

This is a fun one that you can do with your kiddos too! The main bodies of the penguins are made using random messy blobs of paint, and the details are added after the fact. Watch it here!

12. Christmas Floral Arrangement Tutorial

Create a simple floral arrengement using basic shapes and brush tips. This one is perfect for beginners! Watch it here.

13. Botanical Noel Holiday Card

With some masking fluid and gold accent paint, you can recreate this beautiful Noel watercolour card too! Watch the tutorial here.

14. Festive Foliage Joy Card

Another simple and relaxing card for the holiday season! These leaves and berries highlight a simple handwritten message in the center of this design. Watch it here.

15. Christmas Stockings Watercolor Card

I love a simple and fun illustrated card! This one allows for lots of creativity when it comes to the designs on the stockings. Watch it here!

16. Festive Flowers Card

Create these gorgeous winter inspired flowers with berries, spruce, and roses. Watch the full tutorial here.

17. Pretty Presents Easy Watercolor Tutorial

This modern geometric card lets you wrap your presents in any design you like! By creating a collection of squares and rectangles, this one is beginner friendly! Watch it here.

18. Snowy Winter Landscape Tutorial

Lots of trees and snow make this painting come to life! Learn my favourite method for creating a forest of watercolor trees covered in snow. Watch it here!

19. Peace Holiday Card

This card uses the prettiest gold watercolour paint to create an illustrated message which overlaps some vintage style florals. Learn how to do it here!

I hope you enjoy these holiday card tutorials, and be sure to subscribe to the Wonder Forest channel and turn on the bell for notifications! 


5 Holiday Watercolour Card DIY
5 Watercolour Tutorials for Holiday Cards

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