4 Honest Truths On Building a Blog or Small Business

4 Honest Truths On Building a Blog or Small Business

If you are a new blogger or working to build a business or brand, I don’t have to tell you how time consuming it is.

Creating something from nothing takes boat loads of time and energy. If you work full-time in a paid position to pay the bills, you know this struggle all too well. It’s compounded when you are a parent, spouse, caregiver, or if you hold community responsibility or commitments. Oh, and let’s add the title of student in there too.

I get it! I’ve worked as a classroom teacher for nine years, and while I love my day job, that dream of running my own coffee shop and blogging for a living has whispered my name for the longest time. But suddenly, there’s zero time, zero strength, and you end up fighting the urge to just put the dream off… Well, don’t.

But can I give you some advice?

You Need To Treat Yourself With Kindness

It’s okay if your blog or side business is just that – on the side, and not your current primary focus. Try not to compare yourself to others. Sometimes the season of life you’re in means your priorities have to look a little different. Getting an education, doing community work or serving in some other role, spending your energy on parenting or caregiving or investing in important relationships are all worth the sacrifice. Focusing on those roles does not mean you have to give up on accomplishing your goals. Don’t beat yourself up about it!

It’s Okay to Make Plans For Later

Dream into the future (when school is finished, when the kids are older, etc.) and know that you’re going to be ready to jump in with both feet whenever that time arrives. Research, daydream, read, plan. Watch successful people and make mental notes. Then, when the time is right, you’ll have so much knowledge right in your back pocket. It is completely healthy to acknowledge your current season of life is not the time to jump into a big project.

Aim to Stay Committed But Realistic

Remember that it’s a give and take. Schedule out time for your sidegig – be it blogging or running a small business – and do as much as you can. Set aside an hour or two to go all in, then stop beating yourself up about it. Set smaller, more attainable goals.

Remember That Hobbies Are Worth Something, Too

Sometimes, we define success based on money. Your success as a small business owner, blogger, or writer should not be determined from the amount of money you make doing it. Instead, consider this. Does it bring you joy? Does it bring joy to others, even if it is a small audience or clientele? Find your victory in the fulfillment of your craft and not by cash in your wallet. We live in such a media-rich world where curated images of doing in all flow in a constant stream across our screens and into our minds. It’s so easy to feel like we need to keep striving, striving, striving. Don’t let it make you feel like a failure, but instead, take an honest survey of what you have done, and make big plans for what you will do

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