5 Signs That Say It’s Time for a Career Change

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5 Signs That Say It's Time for a Career Change

Are you fed up with your everyday work routine? Thinking it’s just a phase when it’s actually been going on for a few years? Perhaps you tried to fight it, change something, but resistance turned out to be futile. After a while, you make peace with the situation and decide that it’s the same for everyone and that one cannot be truly happy when working anywhere. However, this is far from the actual truth. There’s no reason you should be satisfied with something mediocre when your heart actually yearns for something entirely different. We know this is overwhelming and it may cause you to feel scared or insecure, but don’t be afraid to make a change. We’re here to help. So, look deep inside yourself and see if any of these situations sound familiar.

You’re Constantly Exhausted

If you’re tired all the time and your immune system is weak and prone to illness, it means your body is sending you a message. Listen to it. It’s very often that our organism notices things and reacts to the problem before it can even reach our consciousness. If this is just a phase, it’s fine. It happens to everyone at times, depending on various circumstances. However, if this becomes your permanent state, it’s a loud and clear sign that something in your life needs to change.

You’re Never Happy

Nobody is very enthusiastic when they have to go to work. Generally, we go to work to earn money in order to do something that we really love and enjoy. However, having chosen a career path, given that you have a certain level of expertise, it’s impossible for you to be unhappy all the time. Yes, we all work hard and we’re all fed up with work, but there should be these situations where you are able to successfully cope with a problem at work or manage to do something extraordinary. If you don’t feel anything even in these situations, that probably means that this job is not right for you.

You Don’t Know What To Do Next

People are often able to recognize the problem, but that is usually where they get stuck. What’s next? You just realized you hate your job and you want to change, but you have no idea where to start. Well, a reality check is always good. That is why you need to remember your childhood dream job and see what qualifications you actually need for it. If you need to study or enter courses, that will be your first step. Some careers like medicine, for instance, demand that you take special exams. That is why we advise hiring an expert GAMSAT tutor while preparing, in order to boost your confidence and your chances of acing the exam itself. In any case, the first step is always getting information on what you want to do.

You’re Jealous

Another useful indicator that there’s something wrong with your job is jealousy. Sometimes, it can be very subtle, so try and think whether or not you support your friends and are truly glad for their success. If the answer is sometimes no, it’s fine and human, but if it’s always no, then you should really make some serious changes in your life.

You Don’t Recognize Yourself

If you or your friends and family notice that your character has changed for the worse, you should definitely run away as fast as you can. If you’re always tired, moody, anxious and generally unhappy, then you definitely need to change your job.

Consider your own situation very carefully. We are prone to ignoring what we don’t want to admit to ourselves and this is often the cause of our unhappiness. If you realize you want to change something, don’t fear it. It’s never too late. You just need a strong will and a bit of confidence and we’re sure you can do anything you set your mind on.

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