7 Ways Busy Bloggers Find Time to Blog

7 Ways Busy Bloggers Find Time to Blog

Believe it or not, blogging is a time-consuming business. Bloggers spend tons of time researching, finding topics, making connections, setting up and maintaining their websites (and finding  places to share said site) – it is an ongoing circle in which never ends.

Late night blogging is not an uncommon thing for many bloggers. But there’s alternatives to staying up till the sun comes up. Busy bloggers have to find time to blog that works best for them. 

Here are some tips to help busy bloggers find time to blog:

Download a Blogging App

Whether you have WordPress, Squarespace, Blogger, etc. download the app or make it accessible for you to be able to blog on your phone. Having the ability to blog on your phone makes it that much easier to blog wherever you need, whether it be waiting at the coffee shop or sitting on the train, you are able to take that time to blog.

Use Pinterest Efficiently 

Pinterest is your lifeline as a blogger. Whenever you write a blog post, make sure to share out your post through Pinterest. Although sharing out into Pinterest in different blogging boards takes a lot of time, there are tons of apps and websites that you can invest in to save yourself time like Board Booster and Tailwind. All of them are worth the monthly amount for their services because it cuts out hours that you would need to spend on Pinterest to gain traffic.

Schedule Your Posts

Embrace the scheduling of posting. It is so helpful not just for blogging but for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (thank goodness this feature is now available!). This way you are staying consistent across the board for all social media and you are freeing up time. Scheduling your blog posts can really help you stay organized with your work and free up time to send out new proposals and focus on sponsored posting in the future.

Make Lists of Topic Ideas

Having a consistent running list of topics that you can always rely on is important to have because when you come to a writing block, you can always refer back to your list of topics. Going through and finding specific themes for each month would be a great start for bloggers to creating their ongoing blogging topic list. This way you are prepared for each month of categories that you can base your topics on for each month.

Set Quarterly and Yearly Goals

There are many blogging planners that you can use to create your quarterly and yearly goals. Don’t be afraid to make them aggressive – you can always alter them quarterly as needed. Having goals to live up to each quarter makes blogging even more of a reality as an income-based business. Having goals will help keep you in line with your blogging schedule and maintaining your business in a timely manner.

Incorporate Guest Bloggers

Guest bloggers can really help you in time when you are going on vacation or are having a busy work week or looking to gain some new perspectives to you blog. Having a guest blogger can keep your blog fresh and open to new readers, plus it helps other bloggers get their name out there.

Schedule Time In Your Daily Schedule – And Stick To It!

When you put off blogging and don’t have a scheduled time that you consistently work, chaotic schedules can develop. Once your blog is at a place where you are becoming busy and your schedule for posts is filling up, this is the point where you need to create a time in your day daily to sit down and write. Whether you write your best in the early morning, during lunch time, right after work or late at night, scheduling in an hour each day can help you keep up to speed on everything that needs to be done each week.

Blogging is a full-time job, so when having a full-time job already outside of blogging, it is important to take steps to keep up to speed with the demands of your blog. These steps can help you get started in the right direction to a more structured and achievable lifestyle.

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