DIY Tea Towel Art

Cheap and eye-catching art is a guilty pleasure of mine. When my friend and most talented interior decorator I know, Liz, posted about an H&M Home haul and shared a picture of a cute framed tea towel, I knew I had to recreate my own!  First of all, I didn’t even know that H&M had a home department, and definitely didn’t know that it would be so damn cute and super inexpensive. So, thank you for that too, Liz! (FYI – the Home department isn’t on their Canadian site yet, so I had to shop the US site and have a friend forward me my package).

I stocked up on H&M pillow covers and grabbed two of these sweet woodland friend tea towels, which, by the way, only cost $4.95 each.

I had an old frame that was sitting around and was the perfect size for this project. I tend to stockpile picture frames… another guilty pleasure. You’ll pretty much always see me leave a garage sale with frames in my hands.

Making the art is easy… I just stapled the towel to the inside of the frame, starting with the bottom, then the top, then the sides… pulling somewhat tight as I went.


Afterwards I just cut off the excess fabric and hung it! I’m getting ready to totally redo our living room, so these will work nicely with the new style I have in mind.

Voila! brand new art, and it cost only about $5.50 (frame included). I still need to find s suitable frame for the deer printed towel. Definitely check out the H&M Home collection if you haven’t yet though. And if you ever come across some cute tea towels that are just too sweet to wipe your hands on, think about framing them as art instead!

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By Dana Fox

Founder of the Wonder Forest blog and brand and bestselling author of the Watercolor With Me book series.

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