How To Build A Killer Brand Experience

How to Build a Killer Brand Experience

If you have a successful business, you know that there’s way more to building a business than meets the eyes. The first step to having a successful business is to build a brand. Building a brand is the most simple and most complex thing in the world.

We can start a brand with something as simple as an idea and a blog. And we can build a brand that consists of nearly infinite elements: logo, logo variations, business cards, website, blog, newsletter, social media design, photos, podcast… The list goes on and on. It all comes down to 2 things: goals and strategy. Once we’ve defined our goals, we’ll be able to develop a strategy. From strategy, we’ll move into the design and so on.

Building Your Brand Movement

No matter how complex a brand is, the main factor will always be brand experience. Brand experience means we’ve actually cared about how our visitor, prospect, or client actually feels from the moment he got in touch with our brand for the first time, until way after he is finished doing business with us. And how on Earth do we build a brand experience? Well, that’s actually an easy one: putting ourselves in the shoes of our visitors/prospects/clients.

Sometimes we’re so focused on building a profitable business (perfecting the website, creating new products, writing support docs, etc) that we forget about what matters the most: the client.

Instead of simply building a business, we should be building a movement, an experience, a story.

Thinking about how we want our client to feel will actually help us plan a fulfilling brand experience. If instead of building a business, we share a story that connects with people and create a community, the unique experience each client felt will help them create a bond with your brand. Through this bond, we create brand advocates – which are unmeasurably valuable. We all know that happy clients will share their experiences with a couple of friends, but unhappy clients will share their experiences with the whole world (if possible).

I created a quick Brand Experience Cheatsheet to help you create the perfect brand experience. Hope you enjoy it!

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By Kelly Brito

I help creatives build a brand they fall in love with everyday and a business that is profitable. I’ve been working with amazing creatives worldwide for 7 years, specializing in brand strategy for the past 4 years. Few things make me happier than helping people make money doing what they love!

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