How to Find YOUR Unique Superpower

How to Find YOUR Superpower

We’ve all heard the saying “No one is you and that is your superpower” but what exactly does that mean, and how can you find & hone this so called superpower? It’s my belief that we all possess a special set of traits & qualities known to some as strengths and weaknesses. The problem with these labels is that they are wildly subjective. Someone may deemed a trait a weakness, and chances are you can find 10 other people to deem said weakness as a strength. Therefore, I find it helpful to first look to yourself.

What Do You Value in Others?

We often search in others, what we value in ourselves. For example, I’ve always admired and respected people who are dependable. You know, that friend that when they say they are going to do something, they’d rather do anything than go back on their word? Well after years of getting let down by people who had no issue going back on what we had discussed, I realized I valued this in people because it was something I worked to be to others. Were you raised with the saying “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?” It’s the same concept. Only what you do (and wish to be reciprocated) is oftentimes a characteristic superpower. For me this translated into making people feel valued enough to prioritize them/their needs in my life.

Make a List of Leaders

When I first started the journey of discovering my superpowers, I began by making a list of leaders I admired. As I wrote the names on my list, I would list out the characteristics of these individuals. Oprah always comes up on my list almost every time. I love that she leads with empathy and compassion for others. This has helped me understand what I valued, and how I long to lead with a similar purpose. These values I could usually always source back to a trait of mine. In this case, it’s my love for people and the need to explore all areas of the human experience. It’s also why I’ve chosen acting as a profession. Another benefit of this exercise is it helps you analyze you traits you have, how they can lead you to your life’s purpose, and also ones you aspire to have. Thus laying groundwork and a roadmap to the future better version of yourself.

What Do You Love Doing?

People tend to make this question a lot harder than it needs to be. Most of the time because we muddy it with factors like our parent’s expectations of us, how much money we will make or how we’ll explain it to others. It’s actually really simple. When we connect to our superpower through doing something that highlights these authentic characteristics in us, it’s the most amazing feeling. For me the first time I was cognizant enough to really allow myself to feel this feeling, it was as though my nervous system was heightened and I could actually feel the blood running in my veins. I know, crazy right? I remember explaining to friend “No, it was like I could feel my blood running!!” Yes – I’ve always been that dramatic.

I also spend hours talking to creatives about overcoming blocks they face along their journey. I love sharing my experiences, giving advice, inspiring and being inspired by others. I hear all the time how draining some would find this, but not me. It feeds my soul. I love it! Once I discovered this passion for other’s growth, leaned into it. It lead me to my most recent project, Starving Artists. Starving Artists is a community I founded to inspire artists, creatives and entrepreneurs by sharing struggles, victories and growth moments. We create content including a cooking show, and hope to eventually hold events and give grants & scholarships to creators.

Take some time to answer these questions for yourself. My hope is that in finding yourself, you discover your superpowers. For it’s this that only you can contribute to the world. Trust me when I say, the world needs what you have to offer. We’ve been waiting for you!

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By Rease Cassity

Rease Cassity is a New York-based actor, filmmaker and writer. Her passion is creating content that promotes self-acceptance and authenticity. She developed Starving Artists, a community all about inspiring NYC creatives through series, social media and events. When she's not working, she's volunteering with NYC Cares, singing Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” in karaoke, and dreaming of a day when she's the voice the first plus-size animated Disney princess.

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